James Murray

Contributed by: Vernon Murray

I am trying to find the cemetery where my great grandfather is buried. He was born in Jefferson County, but toward the end of the 19th century, he moved to Lewis County. Family tradition indicates that he lived near Port Leyden. Military records confirm Port Leyden as his place of residence. He died on January 23, 1896 and his death certificate is signed by Doctor Wm H. Johnston of Port Leyden. The death certificate indicates his burial to be in Port Leyden and the undertaker is listed as DM Coe or Cue. The death certificate is registered in the town of Lyonsdale of Lewis County, New York.

If it is helpful. He was a Catholic. That might narrow the search down. I don't know if you have more than one Catholic cemetery in Port Leyden or not. But if there is only one, chances are he is buried there. The reason I would like to find the cemetery is so I can place a stone marker in his honor. He served honorably as a member of the 20th New York Calvary (Company E) during the Civil War. In fact, his death was caused by complications generated by an injury received in the line of duty just weeks before his discharge from the U. S. Army. He has been a great inspiration to me and my son, who recently served in our most recent war (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

This man is my great grandfather and His wife was impoverished by doctor bills and funeral expenses. For that reason she was not able to place a marker on his grave. Now after 108 years of lying in an unmarked grave, I think it is time for our nation to pay respects to him. I plan to make that a reality. Your help in locating the cemetery will be greatly appreciated. Once I know what cemetery he is buried in, I will need to figure out some way of locating his grave. If I can't do that, perhaps there is some procedure for placing a marker somewhere in the cemetery near where he is buried. I am attaching the James Murray's death certificate to this email. I am also attaching a photo. The photo might not be any help in the task at hand, but perhaps it is of some interest to the people in Lewis County.

Thanks for your help.