Conrad Marmon

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My great, great grandfather, Conrad Marmon was born 1827 in Alsace-Lorain Region of Germay, which is in present day France. At about the age of 20 he came to the US and settled in the Town of Lyonsdale (Port Leyden, New York), which was part the Town of Greig back in 1847. (Also, Lyonsdale was in Oneida County, which was divided later to form today's Lewis County.) Conrad married Mary Moyer, June 10, 1858 in Port Leyden, New York. They had ten children: Mary Ellen Marmon Cook born February 4, 1858; Frederian B. born December 4, 1859; Amanda (Mandy) born May 13, 1861; John born December 6, 1862; George born April 11, 1865; Albert born August 10, 1868; James born Februrary 2, 1874; Charles born July 11, 1877; Leonard born August 1, 1879; Jessie E. Marmon Sears born July 16, 1882.

Mary Moyer was born in Wittenberg, Germany, May 20, 1838. Mary came to this country at around the age of eight and came to the Town of Lyonsdale with her father, Frederick Moyer, Sr., two years later. Frederick was a logger and made a home in Fowlerville, New York, Town of Lyonsdale. (Fowlerville does not exist today, except for an abondoned cemetery, on the Fowlerville Road, just north of the Moose River.)

In 1870 Conrad purchased the land of Mr. Alan, on what is now the old homestead on the Marmon Road, Port Leyden, New York. The home was remodeled extensively in the late 1940's and appears different than the original homestead built sometime after 1870.

Conrad joined the 14th New York State Volunteers, August 23, 1862 to fight in the Civil War. His unit saw considerable action and Conrad was present at the Battle of Antietam, September 16, 1862 - the single bloodiest combat day of the Civil War, where 23,110 casualites on both the Union and Confederate sides occured. Later, he was present at the battle of Fredericksburg, Va. in December of 1862 and was later discharged at Falmouth, Va. March 4, 1863; "by reason of physical disabilities".

Conrad was five feet, ten inches tall; dark complexion, and had brown hair and brown eyes, per his handwritten military discharge papers.

When Conrad enlisted in the Union forces, to fight in the Civil War, he had three children at home and Mary was expectin one, John. While he was serving in the Civil War Mandy passed away January 6, 1863.