Boundary Book - Town of West Turin - 1915
by William Haas

Properties outside of the Constableville and Lyons Falls Corporations

Transcribed from a book in the possession of his great grand nephew, Peter Hayes

Bounded by
Road N E S W
Allen Emery lot West Rd

Freeman highway
Allen Matilda lot West Rd. Clover highway Miller
Alm Henry farm State Rd
Moore Langway highway
Alm Rachel farm State Rd. Murphy highway Langway
Allen James E. house East Rd. Whiteman
Brennan Charles lot Port Leyden Rd highway
Heiley highway
Brennan Charles farm Port Leyden Rd Wynn
Roach highway
Bennet Sucreto farm East Rd. highway Edwards
Bailey Brentan farm East Rd. Carter highway Price
Clover John farm West Rd. Miller highway Allen
Conover Lewis farm Payne Rd.
Payne highway Walworth
Crofoot Charles lot State Rd. Owens highway Hills
Chaufty Catherine house/lot East Rd. Payne highway Merriam
Carter Nelson house/lot East Rd. Higby highway Bailey
Connor George lot East Rd. Hughes highway Hughes
Constable Jennie lot Lyons Falls Rd. Van Arman highway Taylor
Constable Jennie farm Boonville Rd. Constable
McPhilmy highway
Davis Clara farm East Rd. Hughes
Hughes highway
Davis Amelia farm McPhilmy Rd. Lyons Falls Rd.
highway McPhilmy
Davis Oscar farm East Rd. highway
Bennet Hughes
Edwards Davis farm East Rd. Payne
Markham highway
Eames Julia lot Lyons Falls Rd. Schwenk highway Parkhurst
Eames Galusha lot Lyons Falls Rd. Parkhurst highway Freeman
Freeman S. A. lot Higby Rd. highway Wendt
Freeman S. A. lot West Rd. Allen
Miller highway
Freeman S. A. farm West Rd. Wynn highway Miller
Franklin E. D. house/lot West Rd. Plummer
Allen highway
Forest Hills
Cheese Factory West Rd. Plummer
Plummer highway
Forest Hills
house/lot West Rd.
Cherry St.
Turin Rd.
Higby Frank farm West Rd. Higby
Rockwell highway
Higby Frank farm West Rd. Higby
Higby highway
Hoffman Charles farm East Rd. highway
Hughes Foster
Hughes W. W. farm East Rd. Hoffman Hughes
Hughes Hugh farm East Rd. Hoffman highway Haskins
Haskins Edgar lot East Rd. Hughes
Payne highway
Hubbert ? house/lot Boonville Rd. Murphy
Perry highway
Heiley Michael farm Port Leyden Rd Brennan
Murphy highway
Hughes Mrs. John house/lot East Rd. Merriam highway Merriam
Hughes Fred lot East Rd. Hughes highway Merriam
Langway Joseph farm State Rd. Elm highway Murphy
Littaye Florence lot Lyons Falls Rd. Eames highway Parkhurst
Murphy Charles J. farm State Rd. Langway highway Hoag
Murphy Charles J. lot State Rd. Hills highway Elm
Moore John farm Payne Rd. Payne
Morgan house/lot East Rd. highway Haskins Haskins
McPhilmy Henry farm Boonville Rd. highway Perry
Murphy Francis farm Boonville Rd. Murphy highway Perry
Murphy James & Wm. farm Boonville Rd. Murphy highway Perry
Murphy James & Wm. farm Boonville Rd. Heiley highway Murphy
McPhilmy Red heirs farm McPhilmy Rd.
highway Burdick Tully
McDonald Wm. farm Port Leyden Rd
RR highway Markham
Markham Fred farm East Rd. Merriam McDonald
Markham D. C. lot
Merriam C. farm Lyons Falls Rd. Potter
E. Rd. highway
Plummer George farm West Rd. Clark
Reibnacht highway
Payne Emerson farm Payne Rd. highway Moore
Perry Thomas farm Boonville Rd.
highway Linck McPhilmy
Perry Thomas wood lot Boonville Rd.
Parkhurst Adelbert lot Lyons Falls Rd. Littaye highway Eames
Price Robert house East Rd. Bailey highway Lyons Falls Rd.
Payne Melvin farm Lyons Falls Rd. Merriam
Merriam highway
Reibnacht Florence house/lot West Rd. Plummer
Allen highway
Rockwell Clara farm West Rd. Higby
Plummer highway
Roach James farm Port Leyden Rd highway Brennan
Reibnacht Albert farm Port Leyden Rd Wynn highway Wynn
Rockwell Clara lot Port Leyden Rd
Heiley highway Heiley
Samson John farm West Rd. Higby highway Kentner
Schwenk George/Henry lot Lyons Falls Rd. Taylor highway Eames
Schultz Henry farm Lyons Falls Rd. Payne highway Kentner
Wynn May house/lot West Rd. Clark highway Freeman
Walwoort E. B. farm Payne Rd.
Conover highway State Rd.
Wynn Elizabeth farm Port Leyden Rd Miller
Brennan highway
Wynn Thomas farm Port Leyden Rd Reibnacht highway Brennan
Wideman Mrs. E. house/lot East Rd. Church highway Allen

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