Lowville Births
From Grandma Evilo's

Contributed by: Roxanne

(1928) On Saturday July 27 to Mr. and Mrs. George Millard of Lowville a daughter named Arletha Mae. (I have a photo of Arletha dated Nov. 27, 1929)

(1932) A son was born on Saturday night at the Lewis Co. General Hospital to Albert and Evangeline Schoff

To Mr. and Mrs. Harold Campany, of North Lowville, Oct. 21, 1931, a daughter

To Mr. and Mrs. James T. Foote, of Lowville, Oct. 16, 1931, a daughter named Leigh Bertha

To Mr. and Mrs. Howard O. Robbins, of Lowville, at Lewis Co. Hospital, Oct. 16, 1931, a son (Raymond)

(1931) July 24 - To Mr. and Mrs. Thurber Weller, a daughter

(1931) August 3 - To Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hamblin, a daughter

(1931) August 25 - To Mr. and Mrs. John Moffat, a son

(1931) August 30 - To Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Guyette, a son

(1931) October 8 - To Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Ross Holland, a daughter

(1931) October 14 - To Mr. and Mrs. George Joseph DeYear, a daughter

(1931) October 16 - To Mr. and Mrs. Howard Orran Robbins, a son

(1931) October 21 - To Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Campany, a daughter

(1931) October 31 - To Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Schoff, a son

(1944) Births at the Lewis Co. General hospital during the past few days:

A daughter, March 12, to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Everson of Lyons Falls

A daughter, March 12, to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Martin, Croghan

A daughter, March 11, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Robbins of Lowville

These are clippings from my grandmother's scrapbook. Evilo Vivian Morden (born 1911 Lowville) married Howard Orran Robbins (born 1903 Canada)

The families that I am researching are: Robbins, Hall, Morden, Waldron, Clemons