Ferry Road Cemetery, Lowville, Lewis County NY

Survey taken in June 1965 by Bernard Hill and Edwin Widrick.
Location:West side of abandoned road on Edwin Widrick's Farm. Can be reached from Number 3 road, but not from West Road, Route 12, as that end is not passable. Town of Lowville.
Name                               Born           Died           Age
Babcock, Simon                     1775           Jun 16, 1834   59 years
Babcock, Sara wife of Simon                       Dec 18, 1871   87y 9m 20d
Brown, Laura Ann  dau Simon and Laura Brown       May 21, 1832   4y 6m 1d
Brown, Mary Malvina  dau Simon & Laura            Aug 5, 1826    4m 14d
Clifford, Lydia  wife of Jonathan T. Clifford     Feb 21, 1835   57y 6m 
Knowlton, Commelsa  wife of Perry                 Sep 29, 1864   44y 7m 10d
Lake, Harriet   wife of Daniel Lake               Aug 10, 1939   39 years
Lyle, Lary dau Rev Richard & Roxy Lyle            Jun 30, 1838   2y 11m 15d
Murray, Ichabod   Revolutionary Soldier           Jul 16, 1831   76 years
Sacket, Hester A.   Dau Curtis and Elizabeth      Dec 30, 1850   4m 15d
Searl, Amanda wife of George Searl                Mar 14, 1842   19y 4m 22d
Weller, Silas                                     Mar 1, 1848    77y 9m 4d
Weller, Nancy wife of Silas Weller                Mar 30, 1851   71y 7m 8d
Williams, Albert V son of Sanford and Juliet      Apr 13, 1831   14m 15d
Also markers: N.W.; H.A.S.; N.M.B.; M.N.; S.W.; O.M.W.; M.L.; A.S.; H.L.