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JANUARY 4 1860


The community will be pained to learn of the sudden death of Mrs. D. S.
Bailey. She died last Tuesday night. A large family of children are
thus left without a mother?s care and solicitude. The hear-felt sympathy
of very many friends will be extended to Mr. Bailey, in his bereavement.
In the death of Mrs. Bailey, society has lost a good and useful woman.


In Martinsburg, on the 31 inst, of the heart disease, Mrs. Helen S.,
consort of D. S. Bailey, Esq. Aged 40 years.

On the 25th December, at the residence of her son, Abels Rice of this
village, Mrs. Pernal Rice, aged 98 years.


On the 29th , ult, at the residence of the bride?s father by Rev. O
Wilbur of Lowville, Mr. David Roberts and Miss Betsey Gallup, daughter of
Elias Gallup, Esq., of Harrisburg.

On the 29th inst, at the residence of the bride?s father, by Rev. C.B.
Pond, Charles H. Bu?h of Turin and Miss A. Kate, only daughter of Col.
Edmund Baldwin of West Turin.

At the residence of the Bride?s father, December 28th by Rev. Mr.
Parker, Miss Nancy Lock Wood of Norfolk, St. Lawrence county, to Mr. D.C.
Plumb, formerly of West Turin.

JANUARY 11, 1860


In Denmark, December 30th, Mrs. Hannah Nash, widow of James Nash, aged
74 years.

In Turin, December 18th, of disease of the heart, John Silvernail, aged
85 years. Mr. S. was an old resident of Turin, formerly of Columbia
county, N.Y.

JANUARY 25, 1860


On Thursday Jan., 18yh, at the residence if the bride?s father, at East
Durham, N.Y., by Rev. Mr. Freese, John W. Phillips, of Trinity,
California, and Miss Anna M. Pierce, daughter of Reuben Pierce.

In Pinckney on the 10th inst, Mr. Samuel Main, of Watson, to Miss
Hester A. Hart, of the former place.

At Van Namee?s Hotel, in this village on the 18th inst., by Rev. I.L.
Hunt, Jarvis Linsley, to Miss Elizabeth Higby, both of West  Turin.

At West Martinsburgh, on the 18th inst., by Rev. O. Wilbur, Mr. Henry
L. Humphrey and Miss Lydia Allen, both of Copenhagen.


At Utica on the 19th inst of Apoplexy Hon. Charles Mann, aged 57 years.

At Depauville, Jefferson County, on the 16th inst., Stephen Johnson,
Esq., aged 72 years.

FEBRUARY 1, 1860


On Wednesday, January 18th, by the Rev. James L. Andrus, Mr. Wm Dence
to Miss Sarah Dimick, all of Lowville.


On Thursday afternoon, 24th inst. A child of Chauncey Orndorpf of
Watson, aged two years and two months, was left by his mother alone, at
home, for an hour or more, while she went on an errand to a neighbor?s =,
and on her return the mother found the child with his clothes burned 
nearly off. A physician was in the neighborhood, and soon in attendance,
but in vain.  The little sufferer lingered until about 4 a.m.
following, and died. A warning to other like thoughtless mothers.


We intended last week tp have noticed the death of James Malcom of
Turin, and the proceedings attending his burial.  But our forms were
?Locked up? and on the press, before the services were over.  Mr. Malcom was
a member of the Turin Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, and ,
according to his wish was buried with Masonic honors.  Representatives from the
Lodges of Boonville and Lowville, met at Turin.  A sermon was preached
by Rev. Harlow Bowen, and the burial services were conducted by brother
John Conover, P.M., and Rev. John Bailey, Chaplin, of Lowville Lodge,
No. 134.  The occasion was one of solemn interest.  Brother Malcom was a
worthy young man. He died aged 35 years.

FEBRUARY 8, 1860


On the 19th January inst. Gilbert Williams, son of J.F. Williams of
Martinsburgh, aged 25 years.

In New Bremen, on the 4th inst. Louisa, youngest daughter of Griffith

In this village, last evening, Mrs. Jacob Burr, aged 80 years. 

FEBRUARY 15, 1860


On the evening of Wednesday, the 8th inst., at the residence of the
bride?s father, by Rev. C.B. Pond, Mr. G.W. Edgerton, of New Hartford,
Oneida county, with Miss Ellen E., daughter of Jacob Rea, Esq. Of Turin.

FEBRUARY 22, 1860


Mrs. Betsy Gordon, died of Consumption on the 30th of Nov. last, at
Berlin, Steele county, Minnesota, late of Martinsburg, aged 50 years.

FEBRUARY 29, 1860


On the 4th January, 1860, at the residence of the bride?s father, by
Rev. O. Place, Mr. M.A. Goodenough, to Miss Emily A. Thompson, all of

By the same, Jan. 17th, at the residence of the bride?s father, in
Champion, Mr. H. Remington, of Copenhagen, to Miss Silva C. Chapin.

By the same, Jan. 18th, at the residence of the bride?s father, in
Denmark, Mr. James How of Montague, to Miss Jane Young.

By the same, Jan. 19th, at the residence of the bride?s father in
Copenhagen, Mr. Horace D. Tisdale, to Miss Helen A. Schulyer, all of


At Turin, on the 19th of February, 1860, Benjamin Davenport, aged 82 
years.  Mr. Davenport was born in Spencertown, N.Y., on the 17th of
November 1778, and was one of the first settlers of the town of Lowville,
having removed here in the year 1799, since which time, except a few
years in Turin, he has resided  in Lowville, and has witnesses the growth
of the town from its infancy. He helped to make the first opening in
the heavy forest of old Lowville, and caused the sun first to look in
upon the beautiful land, which has since proved so productive and
valuable, and where live now so many happy families. Thus one by one the old
pioneers are laid aside. May the rising generation, young men and
maidens, emulate their virtues.

In this village, Feb. 7th, Mrs. Joab Burr, aged 80 years.  It is no
more than just, or due, that a tribute of respect be here paid to the
memory of the mourned and departed Mrs. Burr, whose death is announced
above.  Her real worth was best known to those most intimately acquainted
with the deceased.  She came to this village when it was almost a
wilderness, with here and there a mark of civilization; and from that time
until old age enfeebled her, her many acts of kindness were cheerfully
administered to the sick and afflicted, ones of this village and
vicinity. So also, her piety was deep earnest and constant.  She was a member
of the Lowville Baptist Church, from the time of its organization until
her death, and by this bereuvement the Church has lost one of its
oldest and efficient members.

On Friday, Feb. 17th, Mr. Caleb Morse, of Lowville, aged about 53

MARCH 7, 1860


At Martinsburgh on the 28th of Feb, by Rev. A.T.Copeland, Mr. Wm. R.
Coats to Miss Maria L. Babcock, all of Martinsburgh.

At Copenhagen, Feb 21, by Rev. O. Place. Mr. Joseph Holmes to Miss
Lorinda Graw, all of Copenhagen.


At Osceola, Lewis County, N.Y., Feb. 22d, 1860, Phebe, wife of Hon.
Seymour Green, aged 62 years, 11 months and  6 days. The subject of this
notice was born in the town of Otsego, Otsego County, and was the fourth
daughter of Miriah and Sarah Bobinson. Her last sickness was painful
beyond description and was borne with that patience and fortitude rarely
met with, which was a strong proof to all around her that she was well
fitted and prepared for the better world.  She died and passed away
without a struggle or a groan, and left a brilliant evidence to the
relatives and friends that their loss is her infinite gain. Lowville Banner
and Cooperstown papers will please copy.

At Constableville, March 2d, Mr. Joshua A. Western, aged 52 years.

MARCH 21, 1860


At the residence of the bride?s mother at West Martinsburgh on Tuesday
Evening March 6th, by Rev. Isaac L. Hunt, Rev. T.B. Shepard, of
Sackett?s Harbor, to Miss Augusta O. Easton, of the former place.

At Martinsburgh, on Saturday Evening, March 10th, at the residence of
E. White Esq., by Rev. H.S. Tatt, John Holmes, of Greig, and Miss Maggie
Sharky, of Martinsburgh.


On Tuesday, the 20th, Addison Davenport, of Lowville, aged 50 years.

On Sunday night, 18th of March, Alanson Kitts, of Lowville, aged about
30 years.

On the 16th inst., Mr. John Allen, of Lowville, aged 36 years.

In Boonville, N.Y., on Sabbath morning, 11th March, of Inflammation of
the lungs, Mrs. Nancy Cross, in the 56th years of her age.

MARCH 28, 1860


March 27th, by Rev. O. Wilbur, at the residence of the bride?s father,
Mr. P.B. Lanpher and Miss Fanny A., daughter of Col. Isaac Cartter.

At the residence of the bride?s father, in the town of Martinsburgh, on
Thursday evening March 5, by Elder S.H. Taft, Mr. John D. Taylor and
Miss Alma A, Bowen, all of Martinsburgh.

March 12th, by the Rev. H.M. Church, at the residence of the bride?s
father, Mr. John Williams of Verona, to Miss Mary E. Chapman of Lowville.

Also on the 22d inst., by the same, Mr. John Windecker of Harrisburgh,
to Miss Sally M. Simmons, of the same place.


In Carthage, March 14th, Mrs. C. Gallagher, in the 41st years of her

Of consumption, in Leyden, Lewis county, March 7th, Mrs. Sally M., wife
of Boen Bailey, Esq., and daughter of Talcott and Cynthia Coe, aged 42

APRIL 4, 1860


At the residence of Mr. Warren Arthur, on the 29th March, by the Rev.
Mr. Wheelock, Mr. C. Duane Davenport, of Lowville, and Miss Ann Maria
Arthur, of Martinsburgh.


In this town, on the 24th ult., Mrs. Cook, wife of the late Col. N.
Cook, and one of the early settlers.

On Stow?s Square, on the 2d inst. Mrs. Vosburgh, wife of the late Henry
Vosburgh and mother of Richard Vosburgh, aged 90 years.

At West Martinsburgh, on the 2d inst., Mrs. Abigail Seymour aged about
35 years.

Also on the 30th, Mrs. Taylor wife of the late Timothy Taylor of

In Martinsburgh, the 30th ult., Mrs. Pitcher, wife of Cyrus A. Pitcher.

At Carthage on the 1st inst., Theodore S. Hammond, Esq.

At the residence of her son in law, Charles Williston, in Turin, March
18th, Hepsey D. Collins, in the 75th year of her age.

APRIL 11, 1860


At Martinsburg, March 30, Julia H. daughter of Allen J. and Mary B.
Stephens, aged 10 months and 14 days.

In Rome, on Sunday, April 8,  Marcellus H. Ives, son of Selden Ives, of
Turin, in the 21st year of his life.

APRIL 18, 1860


On the morning of th 16th, at the residence of the bride?s mother, by
Rev. S.H. Taft, Mr. Alvin T. Rice of Trinity Co. Cal., and Miss  Elvira
M. Gordon of Lowville. The happy pair will sail for the ?Golden State? 
in the next steamer. May prosperity attend them.

On the evening of the 15th, by Rev. S.H. Taft,  Mr. W.S. Springstein
and Miss  Emma E. Sabins, of Greig.

In Pen Yan N.Y., on the 11th inst., by Rev. J.E. Latimer of Elmira
Female College, I.R Adams, M.D., of Lowville, N.Y. to Miss Sophia M.
Latimer, Preceptress of Lowville Academy. A liberal cash compliment
accompanied the above notice.

APRIL 25, 1860


By E.M. Dunham, Esq., April 21st, Mr. Geo. H. Torry, to Miss Louisa
Marsellus, all of Montague, Lewis county.


In Harrisburgh, March 28th, of Inflammation on the Brain, Willie, son
of Allen and Eliza A. Parker, aged 2 years, 3 months and 25 days.

Also, April 1st of Inflammation on the Brain, Carson, son of Allen and
Eliza A. Parker, aged 3 years 24 days.

MAY 2, 1860


Mr. Editor - I was called to hold an inquest on the body of John
Simser, who was found dead, on the 28th inst. in the woods about a mile and a
half from Lewisburgh, in the town of Diana. A post-mortem examination
was held by Dr.?s Ferhuson and Carter, who gave their opinion that the
deceased came to his death by suffocation, from convulsion, causing
congesting of the lungs. The jury gave their verdict that he died by the
visitation of  God, in a natural way, and not otherwise.

MAY 16, 1860


At Coulterville, Ill., April 25th, by Rev. Wm Bratton, Frances D.
Hillman, of Avon, N.Y. to Miss Josephine L. Hibbard of Attica, N.Y.


At the residence of his brother, in Columbus, Ohio, on the 22d April,
N. Duane Baker, son of Lorenzo D. Baker, aged 30 years.

MAY 23, 1860


On the morning of the, at residence of the bride?s father, by Rev. S.H.
Taft, Mr. Edward E. Brown, of West Winfield, and Miss Olive E.
Richardson of Martinsburgh.


In Harrisburgh May 8th, with congestion of the lungs Frederick Abel,
infant son of Abel and Betsey  Bickford, aged 9 months and 9 days

In West Turin, May 2d, 1860, Matilda M. Scovill, daughter of the late
Hezkiah Scovil, aged 34 years.

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