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MAY 30, 1860


In Lowville, on the 16th inst., by Hon. H.E. Turner, Harvey Porter to
Miss Myra L. Hill, both of Lowville.


On Thursday May 19th, Mrs. Sally Dayan, wife of Charles Dayan Esq., of

JUNE 4, 1860


In Copenhagen on the 28th May, James, only Son of Andrew and Elizabeth
Bennett, aged four years 7 months and 4 days.

In New Bremen, on the 4th inst., Pamelia, daughter of Samuel and
Barbara Shults, aged nineteen.

JUNE 13, 1860


George Williams, of Greig, a young man about 22 years of age, was
drowned near Davis? Bridge, below Port Leyden on Sunday. The young man went
into the water to bathe, got beyond his depth and his companions, not
being expert swimmers, were unable to render any assistance.


In Turin, Wednesday, June 6, of Consumption, Anson H. Higby, aged 28

On Sunday the 3d inst., ? An illness of nearly three months, Mrs.
Mahala Jane Waite, wife of Morris B. Waite, of Pinckney, and daughter of
John Clowbridge, formerly of Turin, aged about 22 years.

Died suddenly of inflamation in the bowels, in the town of Rome, on the
2d inst., Alexander R. Fox, 2d son of the late Silas A. Fox, of
Osceola, Lewis Co., N.Y., aged 16 years and 12 days. 

JUNE 20, 1860


Leonard Parmele Rising, Esq., formerly publisher of the Lowville
Journal, died in Viroqua, Bad Axe Co., Wisconsin, May 25th, 1860. His disease
was Typhoid Fever. He was a man of much ability, and admired for his
many excellencies.

JUNE 27, 1860


On the 25th inst., at the residence of the bride?s father in
Martinsburgh, by Rev. H.M. Church, Mr. George C. Sims, of Anoka, Minnesota, to
Miss Lydia E. Pitcher, of Martinsburgh.

At Stanwix Hall in Rome, on the 14th inst., by Rev. W.X. Ninde, Mr.
Samuel P. Lewis, to Mrs. Charlotte M. Hug?nin, both of Rome.


In Central Square, Oswego County, on the 17th ?.  Mrs. Jerusha Bates,
relict of Dr. Wm S Bates, formerly of Copenhagen, N.Y

JULY 4, 1860


Last Sunday morning, as Mrs. Perley Lyman of Lowville, was holding a
young babe in her arms, a fit suddenly seized her, and for fear she might
drop her child, she hugged it  so closely around the neck, that the
child died, being choked to death.ercient

JULY 11, 1860


At Montague on the 7th inst. By Foster Newtown, Esqr., George W.
Spencer, of Honnsfield, N.Y. to Miss Mary J. daughter of Samuel W.
Williamson, of Montague

JULY 18, 1860


At her residence in Lowville, on the 3d inst., of consumption Mary,
wife of Martin King, aged 39 years.

May 28th, at his residence in Martinsburgh, John F. Williams in the
67th year of his age.

JULY 25, 1860


Mrs. Rodolph Roher of New Bremen attempted to kill herself last Sunday
morning by cutting her throat.  She succeeded in making a gash about
three inches in length.  Dr. Bischoff informs us that she is likely to
recover.  It appeared, from testimony taken before the coroner?s jury,
that she killed her little boy a day previous by suffocating him.  She is
probably insane.

AUGUST 1, 1860


Mrs. Rodolph Roher of New Bremen, who attempted to commit suicide by
cutting her throat, has been taken to the insane asylum at Utica.


In West Martinsburgh, on the 18th inst., Mrs. Martha Allen, widow of
the late William R. Allen, formerly of Le Ray, Jefferson county., aged 75
years.  The deceased was very much respected in life, and had ?hope in
her death.? She was born in Linesboro, Mass., and was one of 12
brothers and sisters of the Wood family well known in Lewis County, all of
whom lived to be men and women. Just previous to her death eight were
living, aged from 77 down to 58 years.

In Denmark, July 24th, 1860, of Typhoid Fever, Willis R. Clark, aged 31

At his residence in the town of Denmark, last Friday evening,  J.R.
Howard, aged 43 years.

AUGUST 8, 1860


In Copenhagen on the 2d inst., by Rev. Olney Place, Mr. Patrick Magill,
to Miss Jane Mo?rin, all of Copenhagen.

AUGUST 15, 1860


On the morning of Sunday, August 12th, at the residece of the bride?s
father, at Felt Mills, Jefferson county, by Rev. Mr. Kilham, Mr. Walter
B. Hewitt of Black River, and Miss Anne E. Smiley.


In Clayton, Jefferson county, N.Y., July 31st, 1860, Reuben Bickford,
father of the editor of the Carthage Republican, and of Lucus Bickford
of Lowville. The deceased was born in Northfield, N.H. June 27th 1779. 
He was one of the pioneers of the settlement of Lowville, Lewis county,
to which he removed more than sixty years ago.  His death was
unexpected, and his disease supposed to be dropsy on the heart.

At his residence in Denmark, August 4th, 1860, Daniel A. Pickert, of
consumption, in the 30th year  of his age.

In Osceola of typhoid fever, Aug. 2d, 1860, Mrs. Mary Jane Walb, aged
24 years, four months and 26 days. She leaves a husband, and a daughter
13 months old.

AUGUST 29, 1860


In this town of Consumption, Elizabeth A., daughter of Miner and
Harriet Cummings, aged about 21 years.

At the residence of J.B. Phillips, in this village T.F. Rathburn, of
Carthage, of consumption, aged 52 years. 

At Osceola,  (of putrid sore throat,) Aug 7th, John Ford, aged 16

At Osceola, on the 10th day of Aug., of consumption, Thomas Clyne, aged
55 years.



In Ripton, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, July 31st, of Dy??utar?, Mrs.
Catherine Granger, wife of Daniel R. Granger in the ?4th year of her
age, formerly of Greig, Lewis county, N.Y.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1860


At Constableville, on the 4th September, at the residence of the
Bride?s father, by Rev. Wm. M.  Ogden, Mr. Alvin E. Plumb, and Miss Eliza M.
Thompson, daughter of  S.C. Thompson, all of Constabeville.


In Martinsburgh, August 28th, at the residence of Christopher Way, Elva
W. Ragan, aged six years, and seven months.

In Granville August 15th, Abby C., only child of George H. and Emma
Vannatter, aged 5 weeks and three days.

At Martinsburg on Sabbath, morning Sept 9th Elder Edward Johnson, aged
seventy three years and one month.

At Denmark, Sept. 8th, Sally, wife of Abel D. Bent, aged 61 years.


Isaac Hathaway, a married man, aged about 50 years, living in West
Turin, met with his death one day last week by being drawn into the
cylinder of a threshing machine. The upper half of his body being literally
torn to shreds!

SEPTEMBER 19, 1860


At New Bremen, Aug. 30th, Mrs. Harriet M. Wilder, wife of Abel Wilder
and daughter of Elder Curtis H. Green; aged 33 years.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1860


Mrs. Ruda Rohr of Croghan, who killed her child, and attempted to cut
her own throat, some weeks since, and who was taken to the Utica Insane
Asylum, hung herself at that institution a few days since, as we were


?agg?s Hotel, Utica, on the 6th instant, by Mr. Knox, George G. Kilham,
Esq., to Mary E. Swart, both of Turin.

? The 19th, at the residence of the bride?s father in Constableville,
by Rev. L.L.Palmer, Mr. ?rles E. Taylor to Miss Julia A. ?

On the morning of the 20th inst., in Trinity ?, Lowville, by Rev. John
Bayley, Mr. Conover to Mrs. Cornelia Ta?, daughter of Hon. Charles

The morning of the 20th, in Lowville, by Rev. Lockwood, Leon Deruz to
Miss Mary Morse, all of this village.

OCTOBER 3, 1860


Rev. Thomas Roberts, of Cayuga Bridge, was badly injured by an engine
on the N.Y. & Erie Rail Road, while walking on the track, Sunday
evening. He lived to the Wednesday following, (Sept 26th) and his remains were
taken to Turin, Lewis county, for interment.


At South Rutland, September 24th, by Rev. C.Bailey, Wm Sherman Esq., of
Denmark, to Miss Sabrina Twitchell, of the former place.

In Le Ray, September 19th, by Rev. G.W. Pennock, Wm C. Le Fever, of
Beaver Falls, Lewis county to Miss Pamelia M. Ward, daughter of James
Ward, Esq.

In champion, Sept 12th, by Rev. J.H. Steward, Mr. Benjamin Stanton, of
Watertown, and Miss Jennie Harris, of the former place.


In Croghan, Sept. 19th, of putrid sore throat Francis, son of Peter and
Matilda De Lawyer.

OCTOBER 17, 1860


There has been twenty-two deaths from putrid sore-throat, within the
last four months.  This disease is, we understand, most fatal among
children and young people, although not confined to those classes alone.


On Wednesday, October 10th, by the Rev. M.V. Waters, Mr. J Madison
George of Martinsburgh, to Miss Emman Plumb of Russia Herkimer county.


At his residence in this town, of a combined attack of chronic
rheumatism and typhoid fever, L.D. Brown, in the 23d year of his age. 

In Greig, on the morning of Friday 12th inst., of Putrid Sore Throat,
Mr. Civilian Higby, aged 24.

In Martinsburgh, Sept. 29th of putrid sore throat, Philo ?. Stone, son
of Be? and ? Stone, aged 1 year.

OCTOBER 24, 1860


At Martinsburg, Oct. 13th, by Rev. Calvin Yale, Mr. WM. Jones, of
Turin, to Miss Elizabeth Jones, of Port Leyden.

In New Bremen on the 22d inst, by Rev. W.B. Joice?, Mr. Byron Van
Patten and Miss Elizabeth A. Butler, all of New Bremen.


In Greig on the 17th inst., Alice A., daughter of H.D. and P.M.
Hubbard, aged 6 years.

In Martinsburg Oct. 5th, Elizabeth, wife the late Russel Arthur, aged

OCTOBER 31, 1860


Oct. 17th, at the Parsonage, by Rev. J.W. ?shong, Mr. B. Hawley Ager,
of Port Leyden N.Y. , to Miss Lucretia T. Ellenwood, of West ?chburg,


Oct. 8, 1860, Mrs. Florella Shephard, aged ? Mrs. Shephard was one of
the early settlers ? This county, and for nearly Half a century an
habitant of this village. She was in her chris? Faith pure and unchanging,
and died as she ?, with a hope that maketh not ashamed.  She ? Of the
original twelve that helped to form ? Presbyterian church in the village
in 1822.

NOVEMBER 7, 1860


Port Leyden, Oct. 6th, at the brides home by Rev. Elder S.H. Taft, Mr.
A.J. Bishop, to Miss N.A. Scrafford, all of the above ?.

Lowville, N.Y., Oct. 31, by rev J.N. Per? R. Almon Reed, of Greig, to
Miss ?is Vanatter, of Watson.

? The residence of the bride?s father, by Rev C.? Due, on Tuesday
Morning, 16h, Oct., Wn ?wan, of Albion, N.Y. to Miss Emma M. ?ldbridge, of
Hastings,  Minesota.

NOVEMBER 21, 1860


In Harrisburg, Oct. 30, Solon, son of Hoses and Eliza Austin, aged 9

At Trenton, Mo., November 4th, in the 57th year of his age, Mr. M.M.
Bosworth, formerly of Lowville.  The disease was consumption. His illness
was protracted and severe, but his bereaved and mourning friends are
comforted with the evidence he gave of being fully prepared for the
higher and better world.

At Brickton, Illinois, Sept. 20th, 1860, of Typhoid fever, or perhaps
of paralysis of the physical system, Orlando Chittenden, aged 29 years.
Mr. Chittenden was formerly a resident of Martinsburg.

In this town of congestion of the brain, Berton A., only son of of
Henry and Delia Lanpher, aged 6 months and 20 days.

At Bellville, N.Y. Samuel Northrop, aged about 68 years, formerly a
resident of this place. He went down to the grave like a shock of corn
fully ripe. ?Blessed are the dead who die in the lord.?

NOVEMBER 28, 1860


Miss Mary Schermerhorn of Leyden, came to her death on Sunday, the 18th
inst., from the effects of opium, administered by her own hand.  She
was in Boonville on Saturday, and procured the poison of one of the
druggists of that place. A post mortem examination was held before Coroner
Rogers, on Monday, when it was discovered that she was encient, and the
fact that her shame must soon be made apparent was the probable cause
of her rash conduct.

DECEMBER 5, 1860


At West Martinsburgh, Tuesday, December 4, at the residence of the
bride?s father, by Rev. H.M. Church, Mr. C.C. Babcock and Miss Jennie
Knight, all of the above named place.

In Rodman, the 28th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Bakeley, Mr. E.H. Thompson
and Miss Libbie M. Isham, all of Watertown.


Mr. Editor - We live in the midst of alarms. On Sunday and Monday, the
18th and 19th inst., the people of the  southern part of Leyden, were
thrown into consternation by the suicide, by poisoning, of a young women
in their midst, Miss Schermerhorn,
On Tuesday, the 27th inst., a still more shocking death arrested the
ear and eye of the public in this vicinity. Mrs. Nelson Harris, living
between Port Leyden and Lyon?s Falls, was found alone, in her house,
with her throat cut in a fatal manner. (there is much more in the article
but I found it too upsetting to print)

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