Copenhagen Business Directory 1857

contributed by Joanne Beyer

S.S. Stanton, M.D. 	Physician-Surgeon & Druggist 				Main St.
E. Allen M.D. 		Practicing Physician					Main St.
Dr. Otis Shaw 		Practicing Physician			Corner of Mechanic and Main St.

ES Merrell, Office								Main St.

E.D. Babcok 		Dealer in Dry Goods & General Merchandise		High St.
G.A. Socorille 		Dealer in Dry Goods & General Merchandise		High St.
Shepard & Son		Dealers in Boots, Shoes, & Groceries			High St.

Drugs & Medicines
L.I. Raymond									Main St.
A. Stephens									Main St.

Clothing Store
S.D. Hunt, Merchant Taylor							Main St. 

Produce Merchants
W.N. Angle									Main St.

H.C. Potter & Son	Plow Manufacture &Blacksmith				Main St.
J.W. Wright		Blacksmith  						Main St.
J.E. Cumunires		Blacksmith
CC Potter		Dealers in stoves, Tin, Copper, Sheet Iron
A. Boynton		Boots & Shoe Maker
F. Cotrell 		Boots & ShoeMaker					Mechanic St.
W.L. Tomphins 	Joinery							High
C.F. Smith		Harness & Trunk Maker					Main St.
H.D. Goodenoush	Boot & Shoe Shop					Maiden Lane
Schuyler & Wadsworth	Foundry & Manufactures of Windmills and Agricultural Implements 

O. Bishop, Proprietor of Bishops Hotel						Main St.

Ich Thompson									Cataract St.
W.C. Lawton, Surveyor								Cataract St.
A. Davenport									High St.
N. Sylvestor									Cataract St.
AG Thompson									High St.
Stephen M. Thompson, Farmer & Mechanic					High St.
Nelson Munger									Cataract St.
E. Nash, Mechanic								Cataract St.
O. Palmer									Mechanic St.
E. Canfield									Mechanic St.
Benjamin Merriman								Mechanic St.
I. Wood, Farmer								Washington St.
M. Lewis, Farmer								High St.

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