This list was extracted from - The Northern New York Business Directory
compiled by Waite Brothers & Co.

Containing a Business Directory of all places on the line of the Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburgh R.R. (and its branches); Ogdensburgh and Lake Champlain R.R. and the Utica and Black River R.R. including all principal places in Northern New York.

Lowville Business Directory

Business Name Description of the business
Adams, Charles D attorney and counselor at law
Allgoever, Henry grocer
Austin & Boyce harness, saddlery and trunks
Babcock, W.L. hardware, stoves and tinware
Bostwick House Wm. Howell, Proprietor
Broman, Giles groceries and provisions
Brown, Edward A attorney and counselor at law
Bruce, J.E. blacksmith
Bush, E.H. cashier Bank of Lowville
Central Hotel H.C. Oatman proprietor
Chambers, H.P. dentist
Chase, Morris insurance agent
Conover and Miller cabinet makers and undertakers
Cook, Jacob I blacksmith
Cook, S.D. carriage maker
Crane, F.A. physician and surgeon
Davenport, L.C. attorney and counselor at law
Dickerman H. president First National Bank of Lowville
Doig, John druggist and grocer
Doig, Wm. W. attorney and counselor at law
Easton, F.M. dry goods, groceries etc.
Easton, R.J. produce and commission merchant
First National Bank of Lowville W. McCullock, cashier
Forward, A.A. harness, saddlery, and trucks
Foster, Clinton A. lawyer, and justice of the peace
Fowler, G.W. hardware and stoves, and tinware
Gage, O.A. gristmill
Garratt, Wm. gunsmith
Glasgow, Wm. & son meat market
Goodnough, H.T. & Co. jewlers, also piano and sewing machine agents
Gowdy, Hiram tanner and currier
Greeley, Wm. H. commission merchant
Griffin, H.B. livery stable
Hedden, O.P. postmaster
Hedden & Dodge crockery, china and glass ware
Holmes, Theodore carriage maker
House, J.C. dentist
Howell, Wm. Bostwick house
Johnson, H.M. poor master
Journal and Republican weekly newspaper, Amos V. Smiley proprietor
Kellog, K Collins dry goods, groceries, boot, shoes, etc.
King, Wm. photographer
Knoz, Ziba justice of the peace
Lee Brothers proprietors stage line from Boonville to Lowville, Lyons'
Falls and Constableville, also from Turin to Rome.
Postoffice Turin.
Livermore, Rev S.T. pastor Baptist Church
McCullock, Wm. cashier First National Bank of Lowville
Merrill, E.S. attorney and counselor at law
Mondon, O.B. painter
Morris & Porter carriage makers
Morrison, G.V. gristmill
Morse, F.B. grocer and provision dealer
Murry, M.J. book seller and stationer
Murry, R.F. book seller and stationer
Nellis, Lewis restaurant
Oatman, H.C. Central Hotel
Pfister & Dayan hardware, stoves and tinware
Pfister & Richter founders and machinists
Privo, Joseph cooper
Puffer & Hurd marble works
Regan, John dry goods and grocer
Ramsey, Jay agent Merchants Union and American Express Co.'s
Reed Bross watch makers, jewlers and telegraph operators
Richardson, L.B. dry goods and clothing
Richardson, M.M. groceries and provisions
Richardson, R.J. grocer and druggist
Robinson, John restaurant
Rogers, McCartey & Co. groceries and provisions
Roof, Rev Garret pastor Presbyterian Church
Ruscow, Benjamin groceries and provisions
Ryel, P.C. Commercial College
Scheer, M.M. broom maker
Schroeder & co. dry goods and clothing
Scofield, Charles D. carriage maker
Scott Bros. groceries and provisions
Seigel, Henry lager beer brewer
Shraub, Henry dair dresser
Sixbury and Skinner boots and shoes
Slater, Silas watch maker and jewler
Smiley, Amos V. proprietor Journal and Republican
Smith, H.K. livery stable
Stanford & Lanpher druggists and grocers
Stevens, C.E. attorney and counselor at law
Stephens, Jacob grocer and baker
Stoddard & Mager dry goods, groceries, hats, caps etc.
Tucker, Wilson M. photographer
Turner, Henry E attorney and counselor at law
Van Aken, E.M. Photographer
Van Brocklin, J. C. boots and shoes
Van Namee, S.M. hotel
Weber, Henry brewer
West, D.C. & Co. dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes etc.
Wilder, H.B. & Co. clothing and gents furnishing goods
Wise, James hair dresser

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