A collection of newspaper articles relating to the families of Jacob and Peter Zimmer.


Lowville Journal and Republican newspaper articles


May 6, 1886

In the Matter of Estates

In the matter of the estate of Peter Zimmer, deceased, letters of administration with the will annexed, issued to Jacob Zimmer, of Lee, Oneida county, who has filed his bond as such and qualified.



October 20, 1887


Surrogate’s Court.

Petition filed for judicial settlement of the account of Jacob Zimmer, as administrator with the will annexed of the estate of Peter Zimmer, late of West Turin; citation issued returnable January 9th.


January 13, 1888

Surrogate’s Court

Accounts of Jacob Zimmer, as administrator with the will annexed of Peter Zimmer, late of West Turin, judicially settled


December 1890

Supreme Court

Henry Scheidleman against Peter Zimmer and Jacob Zimmer; discontinued as to Jacob Zimmer.


March 27, 1902


Remember Kent and sons, of Lee Center, attended the funeral of Mrs. Rodney Backer, and remained a few days as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zimmer.


March 9, 1905

Local Matters

Lawrence Charbonneau, Sr., of Moose River, died at his home near that place Saturday night.  Mr. Charbonneau was very well known and deservedly popular.  He had lived nears Moose River for manyyears.  He leaves three sons, David of Old Forge, William, of Moose River, Lawrence, of Oneida, and one daughter, Mrs. Peter Zimmer, of Old Forge.


July 6, 1905

Regarding land boundaries of land being sold and adjacent to land owned by Peter Zimmer.


Beginning at the northwest corner of land decred by Michael HEldt to Peter Zimmer, and running then S. E. 19 chains 15 links to the center of the road, thence westerly along the the ….. containing 13 or 15 acres of land.  The public auction was at the Zimmer hotel in the village of Constableville, Lewis county, NY on Aug 26, 1905 at 11 o’clock

April 12, 1906

Moose River

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zimmer of Old Forge, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Charbonneau over Sunday.


April 26, 1906


Peter Zimmer, who has been visiting among Constableville and Turin friends, has returned to Little Moose Lake, taking with him a fine young team of horses which he purchased while her of his brother, Jacob Zimmer, for the Adirondack Leageu club of Little Moose Lake


June 7, 1906

Moose River

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zimmer and daughters, Florence and Marguerite, have been spending a few days with friends in town.


June 20, 1907

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zimmer and daughter Marguerite, of Little Moose Lake, have been recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zimmer.


April 16, 1908


Peter Zimmer, of Old Forge, was in town last week.


Mrs. Jacob Zimmer has been visiting her daughters, Mrs. Emory Weaver and Mrs. George Markham.


September 9, 1915


At her home in this village Wednesday morning, September 1st, at 4:30 o’clock, occurred the death of Mrs. Emory G Weaver after a week’s illness with blood-poison.  Mrs. Weaver became infected from a pimple on her face, and in a few days her condition became serious.  Her nurse, Miss Ruth Stafford, of St. Luke’s hospital, Utica, and Dr. Dunton were untiring in their efforts to save her life, but all that care and medical skill could do were of no avail.  He aunt, Mrs. Charles Newey, was also at her bedside during the last two days of her life.  Frances Lillian Zimmer was the daughter of Jacob and Ida Backer Zimmer, and was born in Highmarket, August 25, 1889.  When a small child she moved with her parents to a farm near Turin,  November 6, 1905, she was united in marriage to Emory G. Weaver, who survives with the following children: Gordon Donald, Myrtle Pamelia, Mildred Ida, Alfred Jacob and Mable Addie.  She is also survived by her parents, RM. And Mrs. Jacob Zimmer; one sister, Mrs. George W. Markham, and one brother, Homer R. Zimmer.  Since their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Weaver had always resided near Turin, except one year, when they lived in Steuben.  Mrs. Weaver had been an active member of the Foresters for several years, joining soon after the Turin court was organized.  She was a young woman of cheerful disposition, always looking on the bright side of life, despite her many cares, and there are many friends who will miss her cheerful presence.  Her death is especially sad, as she leaves a family of small children, which the father hopes to keep together for the present.  Her funeral services were held from the M.E. church Thursday, September 2 at 3 pm, Rev Charles M Smith, the pastor, officiating, who choose for his text Deut 2….… beautiful pillow of roses and sweet peas was sent by the Foresters… The bearers were Fred Alvut, Garry Smith, Grant Felsthamel, William Hoffman, Ralph Norton and Jerome Dickerson.  At the Grave, interment in Turin cemetery …  Friends from out of town who attended the funeral were: Miss Sarah Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. John Williams and two sons and Job Goodman.  Barneveld; Emerson Weaver, Steuben; Fred Kent, Oneida; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newey and son Charles, Boonville; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zimmer and children, Loretta and Lawrence, and Miss Carrie Zimmer, Utica; MR. and Mrs. John Zimmer and daughters, Alwilda and Evelyn, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zimmer and daughters, Lorena, Barbara, Clara, Helen, Mildred and Catherine, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins, Constableville; Dwight K Backer, Ilion; Miss Hattie Backer, Port Leyden; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Norton and sister, Alder Creek; Mr. and Mrs. William Morse and other friends from Lyons Falls.



October 19, 1916  and October 26, 1916 and November 2, 1916

Private Park

To whom it may concern:

Take Notice: That the undersigned is the owner of the lands and premises hereinafter described, having the exclusive right to hunt, fish, and trap thereon, and that the same will be used in the future as a private park to propagate and protect fish, birds and quadrupeds, and all persons are forbidden and warned from hunting, fishing and trespassing or trapping on said lands and premises.  …..  Bordering lands of Peter Zimmer, Jr..  Signed by Henry Powell, Owner


September 25, 1919


Many friends were grieved on Friday morning to learn that Miss Evelyn M. Zimmer had passed away at 1:30 a.m.  Miss Zimmer had been seriously ill for the past four weeks with but slight hopes of recovery, but for the two days previous to her  death her condition had shown some improvement.  Miss Zimmer had not been in good health since she was ill with diptheria about five years ago.  Two nurses were in attendance all through her illness and the best medical aid was given herm and all that her fond parents and sister could do, were of no avail, and she passed away Friday, September 19th.  Evelyn M. Zimmer was a daughter of John and Mary Jane Collins Zimmer.  She was born in Constableville December 7, 1897, and her entire life was spent in this village.  She was a young lad of many admirable qualities, kind hearted and true to her friends.  She wa a devoted member of St. Mary’s church, a promoter of the League of Sacred Heart, and a member of the Rosary Society.  She attended the Constableville Union school and for the past year at Port Leyden, and was a member of the class of 1920 of Port Leyden high school.  The members of the class attended the funeral in a body.  She was of a quiet, unassuming manner, which won many friends, and it can truly be said that no one knew her but to love her.  In her death this village loses a young lady who will not only be missed from the family circle but by the friends and neighbors with whom she came in contact.  Besides her parents she leaves one sister, Miss L Wilda Zimmer.  To the grief stricken relatives sympathy of friends is extended.  Her casket was surrounded by a profusion of beautiful floral emblems and but flowers.  The funeral was held from St. Mary’s church Monday morning at 10 o’clock, where a requiem mass was celebrated by her pastor, Rev. James E. Joy, Principal Edward W. Glasby, of Port Leyden, sang “Beautiful Isle of Somewhere.”  And “O Salutaria.”  The church was filled and many were obliged to stand during the services.  The interment was made in St. Mary’s cemetery.  The bearers were Leslie homer, Lawrence and Sanford Zimmer, Bernard Mackay and Wendeline Dupper.  Friends and relatives attending the funeral from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy and family, Fred Buckley, Mrs. D.L. Loftus and daughter, Mrs. A. L. Boardman, Miss Olive Hargrave, Boonville; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Roswell house, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dirreen, Mr. and Mrs. William Cummings, Yorkville; Duane Moore and family, Jerry O’Connor, of Lowville; Charles Williams, Big Moose; Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sampson and family, MR. and Mrs. William Morse, George Hussy and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doyle, Frank Bourgeois and son Alvin, Raphael Walsh and William Egan, of Lyons Falls; Principal. E W Glasby and the senior class of the Prot Leyden high school, Matthew Conway and daughter Mary and Miss Clara Bailey, Prot Leyden; Mr. and Mrs. John Albright, Mrs. Jane Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Donnelley, Miss Carrie Zimmer, Albert Zimmer, Mrs. William Taylor and daughter Ruth, Mrs. Anna Weigle and Daughter Estella, Mrs. Anna Walsh, John Killcullen, Miss Helen Zimmer, Miss Gertrude Simonett, Benjamin Linck and daughter Helen, MR. Hanrahan, of Utica; MR. and Mrs. Peter Zimmer, daughter Marguerite and son Lawrence, of Palantine Bridge; Mrs. Charles Deck, Marcy; Mrs. Minnie Dirreen, Troy; MR. and Mrs. A . W. Collins, Vernon; Mrs. Peter Norton, Sherrill; Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Schwenk, Taberg; Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Thayer, Holcomb; Jacob Sinns and sister Lena, Mrs. Barbara Kotary and family, West Leyden; Jacob Zimmer, George Markham and family and Seth Felshaw, Turin.




Date illegible Between July-Sep 1927


The following were entertained by John Zimmer and family Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zimmer and son Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Donnelly and daughter Rosemary, of Oriskany; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Deck and daughters Dorothy, Suzanna and Mary, of New Hartford; Mr. and Mrs. William Morse, of Lyons Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins and Miss Mary Zimmer.



June 13, 1929


Edward G Breithauph, of Utica, was the week-end guest of Mrs. Breitauph at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmer


Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Zimmer, of Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zimmer, of Oriskany, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmer and family for the week-end.


December 31, 1936

The people of the State of New York.

To Helen Anken, Mildred O’Neal, Catherine Smith, Peter Zimmer, Carrie Zimmer, Mary Zimmer, Jacob Zimmer, Henry Zimmer, Regina McConnell, Kenneth Murphy, Clarence Murphy, the next of kin and heirs at law of Barbara Collins, late of the town of West in the County of Lewis and State of New York deceased, send greeting:


Whereas, Anna Frank, a resident of the town of West Turin the County of Lewis, and State of New York, the executrix name in the last will and testament of the said Barbara Collins, deceased, has lately applied to our Surrogate’s Court of our county of Lewis, to have the said last will and testament, which bears date November 4th, 1936, and which relates to both real and person al property, proved and admitted to probate in pursuance of the statute in such case made and provided.


You, and each of you, are therefore cited to show cause before the said Surrogate’s Court of the County of Lewis, at the Surrogate’s office in the Village of Lowville, in the County of Lewis, New York, on the 1st day of February, 1937, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, why said last will and testament should not be proved and admitted to pr4obate as a will of real and personal property………Miller B. Moran, Surrogate


June 22, 1939

Lyons Falls

Lyons Falls high School will graduat ten students this year.  They are Paul Seymour, Valdeictorian; Jane Hoskins, salutatorian; Elizabeth Yale, Virginia Zimmer, Nncky Buneo, Margaret Effley, Paul Jordan, Frederick McDougal, Anna Markham and Edwin Yerdon.  …


Miss L Wilda Zimmer entertained Sunday Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Venezia, son Thomas, of Fulton; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zimmer, of Utica; Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Back and daughter Mary, of New Hartford



February 16, 1939


The funeral for Jacob Zimmer was held last Thursday at his late home with the Rev. T Wilson Carling officiating.  The bearers were:  Fred B Manning, Charles Ward, Frank M Kapfer, Donald Hughes.  All those from out of town attending were: Homer Zimmer, Peter Zimmer, Albert Zimmer and Miss Caroline Zimmer of Utica; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hutchins and son George, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newey, Miss Elizabeth White, Boonville; Emery Weaver, Cold Brook; Mr. and Mrs. J Goodman, of Holland Patent; Miss Hattie Backer, of Prot Leyden; Arliss Hilligus, of Lowville; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mackay, Miss Anna Frank, Robert Frank, Miss Lorena Zimmer, Miss Wilda Zimmer, Leslie Zimmer, Mrs. Helen Anken, Miss Pearl Brenon, William Carey, Mrs. Richard Wynn, Charles Welsh, William O’Neil, MR. and Mrs. Anthony Kraeger, of Constableville.


August 19, 1939


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kraeger, Mr. and Mrs. George Bernholz, Mrs. Jospeh Zimmer, Miss Lorena Zimmer, Miss Beatrice Frank, Mrs. Bernard Mackey, Mrs. John Walsh daughter Miss Helen Walsh, Miss L Wilda Zimmer and Miss Irene Duppert attended the funeral of their relative Mrs. Eva Demler which was held in Utica, Tuesday afternoon.


August 8, 1940


Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Deck, daughter Mary and Peter Zimmer of New Hartford spent Sunday with Miss L Wilda Zimmer.




1897 [date illegible]

Eugene Markham is convalescing.  Mrs. Jacob Zimmer is also better.


March 27, 1902


Remember Kent and sons, of Lee Center, attended the funeral of Mrs. Rodney Backer, and remained a few days as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zimmer.


John and Joseph Zimmer, of this place, and Jacob Zimmer, of Mt. Pleasant, have been entertaining their brother Peter Zimmer, of Old Forge, who came to attend the funeral of Mrs. Rodney Backer.


August 30, 1903


A very pleasant gathering of relatives, numbering about 29, was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zimmer, on Crofoot hill last week, in honor of their guests, Misses Kate and Carrie Zimmer, of Utica.  Those present were Joseph W. Zimmer and family, John Zimmer and family, Miss Barbara Zimmer and Gary Zimmer, all of this village; Miss Lena Zimmer , of Boonville; Master Lawrence and Misses Florence and Loretta Zimmer and Miss Laura Charbomnen, of Old Forge and Mrs. Patrick Lane, of Graceville, Minn., formerly Miss Ellen Byron, of Byron’ scorners.  After a bountiful dinner, the afternoon was spent in reminiscences of old times by the older ones and in singing and instrumental music by the young people.  The seven brothers and sisters not having met before in some time, it was a day of great enjoyment to all.


November 12, 1903


Jacob Zimmer, of West Turin, is the new tenant on S.O. Foster’s farm.


April 27, 1905

John W. Doud, vs. Jacob Zimmer, settled.


May 24, 1906


Jacob Zimmer met with a loss Sunday morning.  Upon going to his stables at the usual hour he found a valuable horse with a broken leg.  Dr. Markham, veterinary surgeon, was called and ordered the animal shot.  Mr. Zimmer had only recently purchased the horse, which was one of a team weighing 3,000 pounds.  The misfortune could not be accounted for.



March 30, 1911


On Sunday, March 26th, eighteen friends gathered at the home of Jacob Zimmer and pleasantly surprised him, the occasion being his birthday.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zimmer, son Lester and daughter Helen, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Frank, Mrs. John Zimmer and daughter Evelyn, of Constableville; Miss Lena Zimmer, of Boonville; Mr. and Mrs. George Markham and son Ora, Mr. and Mrs. Emory Weaver, sons Gordon and Alfred, and daughters Myrtle and Mildred of Turin.



January 21, 1915

Constableville (summary)

Harvey McConnell entertains members of his class, including Misses Elizabeth Zimmer, Frances Linck, Helen Duppert, Helen Zimmer, Gertrude and Pearl Zimmer, Edward Linck and Harvey Mcconnell……..



January-March 1916


Saturday evening, February 12th, Miss Elizabeth Zimmer entertained at the home of her aunt, Mrs. George Marius, in honor of her 17th birthday. The evening was pleasantly passed with games, and delicious refreshments were served.  The Decorations were pink and white and were in keeping with St. Valentine’s day.  The unique place cards were also in pink and white and contained a personal message to each guest, which was a source of much merriment.  Miss Zimmer received many tokens in remembrance of the occasion.  Those present to enjoy Miss Zimmer’s hospitality were the Misses Freda Plummer, Fannie Wood, Marion Allen, Barbara, Clara and Helen Zimmer, Jessie and Bertha Martus.




January 1918

Mrs. Jacob Zimmer, whose death occurred in Turin, was well known to many in this town, where she formerly resided.


The death of Mrs. Jacob Zimmer occurred at 8:30 o’clock Monday morning, January 7, at her home in this village, after a long and painful illness.  Mrs. Zimmer had been seriously ill for fourteen months, and confined to her bed for over a year, during which time her suffering has been intense and has awakened the sympathy of the entire community.  Throughout her illness she has been tenderly cared for by her daughter, Mrs. George Markham, who with the added cares of a household has bravely borne the burden and finished the task which was before her.  Ida Mary Backer was the daughter of Rodney and Caroline Sanford Backer, and was born in the town of Highmarket, Jan. 22, 1857.  She received her education at the Constableville and Turin schools, and for several years before her marriage taught school in districts near Constableville.


March 4, 1877, at Talcottville, she was united in marriage to Jacob Zimmer, who survives.  After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Zimmer went to housekeeping at Ava, and also at different times lived at Point Rock, Rome, hill and Highmarket.  Fourteen years ago they moved to the Foster farm at Deweyville and remained there ten years, moving from there to their present home, which they purchased four years ago.  Besides her husband, Mrs. Zimmer is survived by one daughter, Mrs. George Markham; one son, home R. of Barneveld; a brother, D.K. Backer, of Ilion, and one sister, Mrs. Charles Newey, of Boonville.  A daughter Frances L wife of Emory G Weigel, died Sept 1, 1915.  Funeral services were held from the M.E. church Wednesday morning at 10:30 o’clock.


The funeral services of Mrs. Jacob Zimmer were held from the M.E. church last Wednesday morning at 10:30 o’clock, Rev. Evan Evans officiating, who choose for his text Act 24:!5.  A quartette composed of Mrs. Evan Evans, Mrs. N Arthur Kidder, E. B. Higby and D H Phillips sang, “Jesus Savior, Pilot Me,” “Nearer MY God to Thee” and It is Well With My Soul.”  The bearers were K F Dodge, William Hoffman, Ralph Payne and Arthur C. Evans.  There were many beautiful flowers among which was a placque of carnations from Turin Court, No. 3856, I.O.F. Friends from out of town to attend the funeral were D K Backer, Ilion; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newey, Boonville; Mill Nellie Newey, Byrons Corners; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zimmer, Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmer, Mrs. Herman Frank, Miss Evelyn Zimmer, Gordon Weaver, Constableville; Mr. and Mrs. William Morse, Lyons Falls; Myrtle, Mildred and Alfred Weaver, Remsen; Miss Hattie Backer, Perot Leyden; Homer Zimmer, Barneveld; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hill, Glenfield.




January 2, 1919


Misses Barbara and Helen Zimmer and Vera Roser, of Utica, are home for the holidays


This community was greatly shocked to learn of the death of Charles H. Zimmer, which occurred at an early hour Saturday morning at his home west of this village, near Mohawk hill, at the age 0f 59 years.  Mr. Zimmer had not been in the best of health for several weeks, but his condition was not considered serious until shortly before his death, when he suffered a stroke of apoplexy, after which he failed rapidly until the end came.  Mr. Zimmer was one of the best known and highly regarded men of Lewis county and northern Oneida county.  He was known as a model farmer and had by using modern methods brought his large farm up to a high state of cultivation, and had developed one of the finest herds of pure bred Holsteins in this section.  He was a life long Democrat in politics, and had always taken an active interest in the affairs of Lewis county and the town of West Turin, and had held several town offices.  His standing in the community as a business man, neighbor, public official and friend was of the highest.  Charles H Zimmer was the son of the late Jacob and Catherine Laufer Zimmer and was born October 6, 1859, in the town of West Turin, Lewis county.  At the age of five years he removed with his parents to the town of Lee, where he received his early education in the district schools and the Lee Center high school.  November 18, 1884, he was united in marriage with Miss Mary J. O’Connor, of Lee.  After his marriage he purchased the farm new Mohawk hill, where he has since lived.  His first wife died February 5, 1895.  June 22, 1898, he was united in marriage with Mrs. Nellie Scully, of Constableville, who survives.  He is also survived by two sons by his first marriage, Elmer R Zimmer, who is manager of the Tioga County Farm Bureau, of Otsego, NY; Howard C Zimmer, at home; also three daughters and two sons by his second marriage.  Pearl M., Gertrude M., Agnes H., Sanford S. and Sherwood J., at home; and two stepsons, Austin J Scully, of Utica, and Harry J Scully with the American forces in France; one brother, George Zimmer, of Chicago, Ill., and three sisters, Mrs. John Streun, Mrs. William Platt, Mrs. William Reigler, of Lee. Funeral services were held at St. Michael’s church, Mohawk Hill, Monday at 10:30 a.m.


March 31, 1921


Jacob Zimmer returned last week from Hepburn hospital, Ogdensburg, wher he has been for the past two weeks, receiving treatment.  Mr. Zimmer is much improved in health.


July 23, 1925


Mr. and Mrs. Claude Auken and son Robert, of Albany, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zimmer and family.


November 25, 1926

Miss Katherine Zimmer. Born in Highmarket in February 1858; Died in Rochester, November 15, 1926

Miss Katherine Zimmer, who was born in Highmarket in February, 1858, daughter of the late Peter Zimmer and Maria Smith Zimmer, died in Rochester on November 15th.  The most of her early life was spent in her native town and Utica.  For the last 18 years she had been a resident of Rochester.  She was a member of St.Michael’s church, Mohawk Hill.


The deceased is survived by the following brothers and sisters; Jacob Zimmer, of Turin; Joseph and John, of Constable; Peter, of Utica; Henry of Augusta, Mont.: Miss Caroline Zimmer of Utica; Mrs William Morse of Lyons Falls; Miss Mary Zimmer and Mrs Charles Collins, of Constableville.


The body was brought to the home of her brother, John Zimmer, Constableville, and the funeral was held from St. Mary’s church Thursday morning.  Interment was in the family plot in St. Michael’s cemetery, Mohawk Hill.



May 3, 1928


Jacob Zimmer, who spent the winter at Greenfield Center, has been home on a week’s visit and has returned to Johnstown, where he has employment on the State road.


January 21, 1929


Miss Laurena Zimmer has returned from a pleasant visit in New York and New Haven, Conn.

Mrs. Howard C Zimmer and daughter Virginia spent Saturday in Utica.


Funeral of Ambrose N Kraeger was well attended from St. Mary’s church Monday morning.  ….   Burial will be made in the family lot in St. Michael cemetery at Mohawk hill in the spring.  Relatives attending from out of town were Albert  Zimmer and Mrs Cora Zimmer, Utica; Leo Kraeger, Oriskany; Mrs. Thomas Mullaney, Renssaelaer; Raymond and Walter Kraeger, Indianola, Neb.; Sylvester, Lawrence and Ernest Kraeger, Rome; Simon Kraeger, Lowville and Mrs. James Koehane, of Port Leyden.



February 14, 1929


Saturday evening a surprise was given Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zimmer in honor of their 38th wedding anniversary. Bridge and euchre were played, prizes were won in bridge by Miss Mary Allinor and Earl S. Markham; consolations were given Mary Bernholz and Henry Taylor.  First prizes in euchre were son by Joseph Zimmer and Dorothy Schiedelman, the consolations to Mr. and Mrs. J L Walsh.  At 12 o’clock a sumptuous supper was served.  Covers were laid for thirty.  The table decorations were green and white.  Henry M Bintz, in behalf of the guests, presented Mr. and Mrs. Zimmer with a purse of money. All departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Zimmer many returns of the day.


May 9, 1929


Jacob Zimmer leaves this week for Dundee, where he will be employed on the State road.


September 25, 1930


Miss Mabel Weaver, daughter of Emory Weaver, of Poland, was married to Everett Hutchins, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchins, of Herkimer, at 9:15 Saturday night at Port Leyden, Rev. Father Kenney officiating.  The attending couple was Ora V. Markham, of Pine Camp, and Miss Mary Reed, of Turin.  The bride was becomingly attired in a dress of green chiffon, light gun metal hose, black brocaded pumps, black felt hat, fur neck piece and gloves.  Her bridesmaid wore a purple dress, tan hose and shoes, white felt hat, fur piece and gloves.  Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins will reside at the home of the bride’s aunt, Mrs. George Markham. Relatives and friends who attended the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bergin and sons, of Syracuse; Mr. and Mrs. Leon Schliecher and children and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Nystrum, of Cold Brook; Gordon Weaver of Constableville; Jacob Zimmer, of Deer River, and Mr. and Mrs. George Markham, of Turin.  The bride was the recipient of many pretty and useful gifts.


October 2, 1930


Sanford Zimmer has purchased the homestead of the late Charles Zimmer, near this village.  Friends will be pleased to have Mr. Zimmer and family return.


November 15, 1934


Residents of this village were shocked to learn that John Zimmer one of the prominent business men of this place had passed away about 4 Monday morning of acute heart trouble.  Mr. Zimmer has been a sufferer from diabetes, but has been able to attend to his business up to the time of his death.  He was born in the town of Highmarket, June 6, 1869, son of the late Peter and Maria Smith Zimmer and was married to Miss Mary Jane Collins, June 3, 1892, and came to this village to reside.  For 13 years he conducted a hotel on Main street and for the past 38 years he has been in the horse and cattle business, and conducted a sales stabled on West Main street more than 20 years.  Mr. Zimmer was a man who business brought him in contact with a large number of people.  He was well known throughout Lewis and Oneida counties and Central New York.  He was always ready to help any good cause for the benefit of the town, and gave work to a number of people.  He was a member of St. Mary’s church.  In politics he was a Democrat.  Mr. Zimmer was the father of two daughters, L. Wilda and Evelyn Mary, who died September 19, 1919.  Mr. Zimmer will not only be missed by his family, where he was a kind, indulgent husband and father, but he will be missed by the residents of Constableville with whom he came in daily contact.  He leaves to mourn his death his wife and one daughter, Miss L Wilda Zimmer, four brothers Jacob, of Turin; Henry, of Montana; Peter, of Utica, and Joseph, of Constableville; also three sisters, Miss Mary Zimmer, Mrs. Charles Collins, of Constableville, and Miss Caroline Zimmer, of Utica.  To these sympathy is extended.  The funeral will be held from St. Mary’s church Thursday morning at 10:30, with interment in the family lto in St. Mary’s cemetery.



August 13, 1936

Beaver Falls

In a setting of cymbotium fern, seven branch chandelier, floor baskets of Norton gladioli, annual larkspur, California astors and blue delphiniun Miss Martha Emily Zimmerman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob ZXimmerman of Garson avenue, Rochester, and Leighton Francis VanArnam, of Beaver Falls, were married in the East Side Presbyterian church Saturday  at 4 p.m. Rev Donald Cshappel of Buffalo officiated.


Miss Jessie Minges of Rochester sang “At Dawning” and “O Promise Me” accompanied by Mrs. Herman Guttersloh of Pittsford.


Miss Marion VanArnam, sister of the bridegroom, was maid of honor.  The Bridesmaids were Miss Bertha Taylor of Rochester, Miss Lucille Williams of Binghamton, and Miss Dorothy Miller, cousin of the bride, of Lowville…. A reception and dinner was served at Oak Hill Country Club.  The bridal party received in front of the fireplace, which was decorated with palms and gladioli.  After a trip to the Gaspe Peninsula and the new England states Mr. and Mrs. VanArnam will make their home at 9 Appleton street, Rochester.


Mrs. VanArnam attended Plattsburg Normal school and New York university.


Mr. VanArnam attended Mt Hermon academy and Syracuse university.  He has been employed by the Latex Fiber industries at Beaver Falls.  He is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon.


November 19, 1936

MRs. Barbara Zimmer Collins died at the Lewis County Hospital Lowville, Tuesday, November 17, where she had been a patient for two weeks.


Mrs. Collins was born in the town of Highmarket, July  20, 1872, daughter of the late Peter and Maria Smith Zimmer.  Most of her life had been spent near Constableville.  August 20, 1912, she was married to Charles Collins and they settled on a farm two miles west of Constableville.  Mr. Collins, and they settled on a farm two _____ of St. Patirck’s church at Highmarket.  She is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Jacob Turin; Peter, Utica, and Henry, Montana; Miss Caroline Zimmer, Utica, and Miss Mary Zimmer, Constableville. The funeral will be held from St. Mary’s church, Constableville, at 10 o’clock Friday morning.


April 7, 1938


Mrs. Mary Zimmer, 79 passed away at a hospital in Ogdensburg Tuesday morning after an illness of several months of complications of diseases.  Last August Miss Zimmer was taken to the Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville for treatment.  Her condition did not  improve and in December she was transferred to a local hospital in Ogdensburg, where she has been a patient since.  Miss Zimmer was a daughter of the late Peter and Maria Smith Zimmer.  She was born in the town of high Market, September 9, 1895.  All of her life has been spent in this community.  She was a member of St. Michael’s church, Mohawk hill, and later of St. Mary’s church, Constableville.  She is survived by three brothers, Henry, of Montana; Jacob of Turin; Peter of Utica; one sister Miss Caroline Zimmer, of Utica, and several nieces and nephews.  The remains were brought by undertaker M A Yerdon, of Lyons Falls, to the home of her niece, Miss Wilda Zimmer.  The funeral will be held Thursday morning with prayer at the home and Requiem Mass at St. Mary’s church, Rev. J.P. Heslin officiating.  Burial in St. Mary’s cemetery.


February 9, 1939


Homer Zimmer of Utica, spent Sunday with his father Jacob Zimmer, who is seriously ill.


Jacob Zimmer, 66, died at his home Monday morning at 4:!5 a.m. of a heart ailment and complications.  He had been ill for the past several months,  but only confined to his bed since Sunday.  He was born on March 26, 1852, in the town of Lewis.  His parents were Peter and Maria Smith Zimmer.  They were immigrants from Alsace, Germany, and were among the first to settle in log cabins in this vicinity.  They had eleven children.  On March 4, 1877, he married Miss Ida Backer at the Stone Inn at Talcottville.  They lived in Ava, Mohawk hill, Swancott’s Mills and Highmarket.  They moved to the village from Deweyville about 25 years ago.  Mrs. Zimmer died in 1918.  Mr. Zimmer followed the occupation of farming and also held the office of road commissioner for several terms.  He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. George Markham, of Turin; one son, Homer Zimmer, of Utica; one brother, Peter Zimmer, and a sister, Miss Caroline Zimmer, of Utica; 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.  Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock from his home


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