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Ackerman Family
Photo Album

Submitted by: Donald

Scanned photos can be emailed to: Paul

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John Wesley Ackerman
b 16 Aug 1810 and
d. 18 Apr. 1895. 
He is buried in the
Houseville, NY cemetery.
He lived in Houseville
for many Years.  He was
He married twice;
wife was Julia Janette Jerome.
She b 3 Dec 1816 d. 16 Jan 1847.
They had at least 3 children. 
2nd wife Lucy Cory
b. 12 Jan 1823 d. 18 May 1902
also buried in Houseville, NY.
only daughter of Curtis Cory &
Annice Burlingame d 1824. 
Curtis Cory married 2nd time
to Nancy Parkinson.

Lorenzo Ackerman

b. 1812 and died 23 Dec 1884

Lucy Cory

second wife of John
Wesley Ackerman

Family picture of John Wesley Ackerman and his wife Lucy Cory Ackerman
The lady sitting left
of Lucy is believed
to be Jenny Ackerman
who married Chris Scheidleman.
Next to her is believed to be 
Amelia Ackerman, she married
Thomas Child. 
( Donald would like a picture
of her and her husband)
The two boys are believed to
be Curtis Ackerman and
his brother Charles
Frank Ackerman & wife Annie Willard

Thought to be a wedding
picture just a guess.
Frank, the son of John Wesley
Ackerman & Lucy Cory. 
Frank b. 27 Apr 1865 &
d. 3 Dec 1922.  Married
3 Feb 1873 Annie Willard,
daughter of George Willard &
Mary Plopper.  Annie born
2 Feb 1868, she died
27 Mar 1943.  She and her
husband are buried in the
Houseville Cemetery, Houseville, NY.
Annie married a second time to Arthur Birdsey.

George Willard & daughters, To his right  Belle Helen & to his left Annie, who married Frank Ackerman

George Willard b. 21 May 1830, d. 8 Sep 1911.  He married Mary Plopper daughter of Jacob & Angelina Casler Plopper. The Plopper family lived in Lewis Co. NY, but Jacob and wife moved to Michigan.  George Willard moved to MI for a while.  He had 6 children, 3 died in MI very young.  Belle Helen Willard married Ernest Tunwall.  And Annie married Frank Ackerman & settled in Lewis Co.  George and Mary Plopper had another daughter, Lulu Mae Willard.  Lulu and her mother Mary were on the Steamer Champlain, on Lake Michigan when it caught fire and they both drowned 16 Jun 1887.  In the article I read about the disaster, it lists their names..Mary Fall and her daughter Lulu Willard.  That was the first time we heard that she had divorced her husband George Willard.

More about George
as told by: Don Stanford

There are a few interesting stories about George Willard.  I was told these stories by my great Aunt Hattie Ackerman, sister to my grandfather.  He and some other men, one being a brother, went to California looking for Gold.  While there the group almost starved to death.  The only thing that saved them was that they found a dead mule.  They ate it raw hair and all.  When their strengh came back they cooked it.  From that incident there was a saying in the family.  Probably when one of the grandkids didn't want to eat their vegetables.  They would say that they did not like it.  George would say to them, "maggots are sweet to a starving man."  Also while looking for gold their party was attacked by Indians.  After the attack, George Willard said that it was amazing that no one was hit.  One of the other men said, George look at your leg, you have an arrow in it.  They then cut the arrow out of his leg.  When ever his grandkids were around they would always ask him to tell the story about him being attacked by Indians.  And after the story they would ask to see the scar.  As he always patiently told them the story and about how they cut the arrow out, he would wince because it was so painful.  As time went by the scar bothered him and he put it in his will that he wanted to be cremated after he died so that no one would ever see that scar again.  His ashes were placed in the coffin of his daughter, Annie Ackerman when she died, and was buried in the Houseville Cemetery in Houseville, NY.
I hope you enjoyed those stories as much as I did.  Don Stanford
Charles Ackerman
Son of John Wesley Ackerman
and Lucy Cory

Curtis Ackerman
Son of John Wesley Ackerman
and Lucy Cory
Jenny Ackerman Scheidleman
Daughter of John Wesley Ackerman
and Lucy Cory
Emma Ackerman Bush and Amelia Ackerman Child
Both are children of John
W Ackerman and Lucy Cory.
Emma Ackerman was the second
wife of James Bush
(b 1821 d. Aug 1885) of
Martinsburg, NY.  James Bush was
first married to Caroline Hills.  They
had 9 children.  Caroline is buried
in the Martinsburg Cemetery,
Martinsburg, NY.  After her death
James married Emma Ackerman. 
Probably around 1884.  Emma
became pregnant and had a son,
James Ackerman Bush b March 1885.
Amelia Ackerman b. 12 Jun 1854
d. 9 Jan 1918.  She married Thomas
Child b. 1 Jan 1815 d. 29 Sep 1898.
Both are buried in the Houseville
Cem. Houseville, NY.

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