My Long forgotten Pioneer Ancesters and their children's children.

 Contributed by: Ron Brownell

Burr and Brooks Ancestry w/ Adams, Anderson, Austin, Barber, Bush, Clark, Clock, Conkey, Corwin, Davis, Fenton, Ferguson, Ford, Gould, Green, Hartley, Holway, Hubbard, Kelly, Lawrence, Lock, Markham, McGlachlin, Munger, Osborne, Palmer, Perkins, Puell, Rowley, Shepard, Smith, Turner, Van Skuyver, Waldron, Waters, Wetmore, Williams, and Winsor surnames. This is a small example of the families that were living in the Lewis Co., area. Some stayed some migrated West. There are many more branches not mentioned here.





abt. about

s. son

f. father

d. daughter

m. married

c. circa

b. brother

w/ with


Hiram Burr 1777-1813, Denmark, Lewis Co., NY dau. Polly Burr 1802 met Jared Anderson 1795 and married abt 1819, his father Joseph 1755 came to the vicinity of Denmark, Lewis Co., NY and Lois 1784 his dau. married Soloman Munger 1781 around 1806. Nicholas Anderson 1789 s. Joseph 1755 m. Lucy Austin 1793 abt 1810 dau. of Silas 1753 Harrisburgh/Denmark Lewis Co., sister to Grinman 1773. Elizabeth Austin 1798 dau. of Grinman and Sarah Holway 1777 m. 1821 Harvey Anderson 1797 s. Joseph. Irene Anderson 1801 dau. of Joseph m. 1828 Joshua Austin 1797 s. Grinman. Grinman and (2nd wife) Catherine (Van Skuyver) Burr 1784 (widow of Hiram Burr 1777) dau. Francis Austin 1817 m. William Earl Anderson 1812 son of Elijah 1786 and Susanna Williams of Venango Township, Crawford, PA. Grinman's s. Martin 1826 m. (2nd) Teresa H. Anderson 1826 dau. of Nicholas 1789 and Sybil (Puell).


Polly Burr and Jared Anderson moved to Brownville, Jeff. Co., NY. Jared's sister Hannah wife of Agrippa Austin living in Jeff. Co.,NY. Abram 1807 Polly's brother probably was living with them, reported living near Rodman, Jeff. Co., 1820, 1830 census. Later Abram m. Tryphena Munger 1808 dau. of Silas. Their dau. Electa Burr 1831 m. George P. Clark 1823 s. Selah 1795 and Nancy 1800. Duma Burr 1812 married Lucy Munger 1813 d. Silas and were living in Diana, 1840 census. Abram, Polly and Jared moved to Farmersville, Cattaraugus Co., NY probably the same time as Duma. Duma stayed in Farmersville, where he was for many years a justice of the peace and a respected citizen. He was a member of the M. E. church and died in 1887, his wife dying in 1876, children: Allen C., who died in 1860; Amelia S. (Mrs. George Gould) of Franklinville, and Triphena (Mrs. Henry W. Adams) s. Warren 1817, who resides on the old homestead. Polly's family moved to Seymour, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin. Harris Burr 1809 was living in Diana, 1870 census.

Hiram Burr 1777 died in 1813 Denmark, Lewis Co., NY his wife Catherine Van Skuyver 1784 their dau. Eunice Burr 1800-1878 m. (1) Jedediah Austin 1787-1838 m.(2) John McGlachlin 1799 moving to Twn Of Turtle, Rock Co., Wis. her dau. Eunice Austin 1825 m. William McGlachlin 1823 son of John and moved to Clinton, Rock Co., Wisconsin. John's brother Ephraim 1804 m. Eunice Fenton 1815 dau of Orren 1784 and Clarrisa (Barber) 1783 their dau Permelia 1848 m. Duncan King Ferguson 1846. Edward 1840 son of Ephraim m. Mary E. Lawrence 1848 their son Maj. Gen. E. F. McGlachlin Jr. 1868.


Fidella Turner 1831 married Peter Davis 1812 she is buried next to her mother Uretta (Burr) Turner 1804 dau of Joab Burr 1775 of Lowville, w. of George Turner 1800, in the Montaque, Gardner's Corners Cemetery. 1860 Census Philena Davis 1796 wife of Henry Davis living in Montaque w/dau. Frances b. 1845 Henry who also lived in Settlement No. 4 Watson when George Turner and Isaac Wetmore 1790 lived there. Charles Turner 1840, son of George and Uretta, married Francis S. Davis, her father Henry had a dau. Sarah J. 1839 who married Charles Corwin 1826 their son Ray A. married Cora M. Burr 1885 d. of James H. 1852 s. of Henry H. 1829 Grieg, Lewis Co., NY (grand nephew to Joab Burr) s. Isaiah 1805 s. Hiram 1777 b. of Joab, sons of Isaiah 1745 and Eunice Rowley 1742 s. of Nathaniel 1706 and Hannah Loomis 1721 s. of John 1670 s. of Samuel 1643 s. of Benjamin Burr 1602/1610 England (Founder) Hartford, CT


Harriet R. Hubbard b. abt 1819 m. George W. Burr 1818 buried in Port Leyden Cem. s. of Nathan 1783 his brother Benjamin Jr. 1781 buried in Lords Cem., Leyden, Lewis Co., NY. sons of Benjamin 1746 Haddam, CT son of Nathaniel 1716/17. s. of Jonathan 1679 s. of Samuel 1643 s. of Benjamin 1602/1610 England (Founder) Hartford, CT George W. Burr 4th cousin one time removed to Hiram Burr 1838 Brantingham, Lewis Co., NY

Rev. Van Rensselaer Waters, son of John and Mary (Conkey) Waters, was born in Martinsburg, Lewis County, N.Y., Aug. 16, 1805. He spent his early boyhood days at home with his parents on the farm. In the year 1845 he removed to Constableville, Lewis county, N.Y., and engaged in the hardware business, in which he continued for some years (Lowville). In 1853 he purchased and operated the grist mill at Constableville. Rev. Mr. Waters married, at Leyden, N.Y., Belinda Ruth Burr, born July 4, 1810, died Aug. 22, 1891, a descendant of the Burr's who located in Hartford, Conn., coming from England in 1635. She being the dau. of Benjamin Jr. 1781 and Jelphia (Davis) 1787 of Locust Grove, Leyden, Lewis Co., NY. Benjamin's son David 1821 & Catherine (Osborne) had dau Alice Ellen 1850 who married Irvin Adams 1849 had son George 1874 who m. Elva May Burr 1877, dau of Mathew E. 1848 & Frances (Stone) 1850. Mathew is Benjamin's 3rd cousin two times removed. s. of Isaiah 1805.


Franklin L.Turner 1843 son of Henry H. 1805 and Rosetta Turner, married Ada Markham c. 1853, dau. of Robert Henry 1814 and Jane Clark Markham (Turin, Lewis Co.,) s. of Benjamin 1786 and Lydia Markham 1788 s. of Ebenezer 1749 s. of Jeremiah 1708 his dau. Jael Markham married Capt. John Burr V 1750, of Burrmills, Watertown, Jeff., Co., NY same tree, Joab would be John's 2nd cousin. (See Ethel Evans Markham's book, "A History of Turin Lewis Co., NY") (See Emily Burr Hartley dau. of Hiram Burr 1838) John Burr Jr. VI 1776 m. (1) Chloe Underwood 1779 d. of William Underwood 1729 and Naomi Horton 1741 s. Aquilla 1693 In 1836 John purchased the Constableville Hotel in Turin and in 1838 he married (2) Abby (Tuttle) Guiet 1805 d. of Icobod Tuttle 1776. Lydia Hubbard Markham 1788 w. of Benjamin was the dau. of Robert 1761 and Pheobe (Ford) s. Jedediah 1734 s. Ebenezer Hubbard 1696 his w. Hannah Wetmore 1703 d. of Beriah Wetmore 1658 s. Thomas 1615 Middletown, CT.


Isaac Wetmore c. 1790 son of Reuben 1733 son of Moses 1694 m. Lucinda Burr 1800 dau of Joab 1775 s. Isaiah 1745. Isaac and Lucinda had Louisa 1835 who m. Sylvester Green 1821 son of Sanders 1776 and Mary Burdick 1777 s. John 1745 and Prudence Sanders 1754 s. Josiah abt 1715 and Hannah Mowry abt 1718.

Peter William Burr 1850 s. Isaiah 1805 brother to Hiram 1838, 1880 Census working as a blacksmith with cousin Sidney B. Wetmore 1856 a carpenter in Watson at a sawmill run by a Henry D. Hubbard, son of Jekiel Wetmore s. of Isaac and (1) Nancy Butler (2) Lucinda Burr (Hall) c. 1800 dau. of Joab Burr 1775 her dau.'s from this marraige Aretas, Louisa, Cynthia of Watson, Lewis Co., NY. Peter W. Burr m. (1st) Emma Waldron 1853 (25 Dec 1870) had 2 chldn m.(2nd) Elizabeth Kelly 1865 (14 Aug 1880) had 8 chldn, dau of William A. 1844 and Minerva (Palmer) 1847, her sister Fidelia Palmer 1862 and her husband Agustus D. Austin 1854 (1st cousin 1 time removed to Peter W. Burr.) Later Peter W. moved to Watertown and Ward Burr 1872 s. James H. 1852 and his family living in Twn of Wilna, Jeff. Co. NY. Peter's sister Francis Eleanor 1844 m. Calvin A. Shepard 1833 and moved to Busti, Chautauqua Co., NY. Both dying there in 1915.


Betsey Brooks c. 1791 m. (1.) Silas Markham 1789 (2.) Orrin Markham 1779 sons of Ebenezer 1749 of Turin, Lewis Co., s. of Jeremiah 1708, Betsey dau. of Capt. Chauncey Brooks 1764 s. of Lt. Thomas 1738 s. of Stephen 1703 s. of Lt. Thomas 1679 s. of Henry c. 1639 (Founder)of Cheshire, CT

Silas Markham Brooks 1824 s. Willard 1801 and Maria Markham 1804 (s. of Capt. Chauncey Brooks 1764) her father Levi Deming Markham s. of Jeremiah 1734 s. of Jeremiah 1708. Silas Markham Brooks, 81, 10-10-1824 to 4-5-1906.(Took over 160 balloon flights in 40 years, traveled with P.T. Barnum, died a pauper. In November, 1997. A Plaque was dedicated, reading; "Silas M. Brooks, 1824-1906, Connecticut's first Balloonist, Memorial placed by CT Lighter than Air Society") See Book "A History of Turin Lewis Co., NY" 1974 (Balloon on cover)


Henry Brooks c.1639 of Cheshire, CT (Founder) had son Lt. Thomas Brooks 1679 had son Thomas 1706 had s. Samuel 1738 had s. John Warner 1775 had s. Judson 1797 (of Steuben, Hawkinsville, Oneida Co., NY ) had dau. Mary Brooks 1830 had adopted s. Elsworth E. Brooks 1862 m. Flora Burr 1876 1 Jan 1896 Port Leyden, Lewis Co., NY dau of Hiram Burr 1838 and Mary Winsor 1838 (dau of James 1816) son of Isaiah 1805 s. of Hiram 1777 (b. of Joab) s. of Isaiah 1745 s. of Nathaniel 1706 s. of John 1670 s. of Samuel 1643 s. of Benjamin 1602/10 (Founder)Hartford, CT.


James Winsor 1816 s. of John 1753 m. (2) Amanda Burr 1840 dau. of Isaiah 1805 and Catherine Clock 1811, Greig, Lewis Co., NY. In Oct 1874 they migated west thru PA to Turon, Kansas. James and Amanda his second wife lived and farmed in Turon and Sylvia, KS. He was buried close to Turon KS in 1908. The children by his first wife were; Margaret, George Russel, David, Lydia, John, & Emily. Amanda's first child Catherine Elisabeth was born Aug 15, 1873 at Pittsburgh, PA and married Manuel Benton (Bentz) Bush. She had a sister Jennie M. (Lock), brothers William, Wesley, and John Winsor who remained around Turon, Sylvia, and St. John, Kansas area. George Russel Winsor 1840 m. Flora A. Perkins 1853 dau. John 1824 and Caroline (Smith) Perkins of Greig, Lewis Co., NY.





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RR Brownell Jan. 10, 2002-- 2006

"A people, who take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered by remote descendants." - LORD MACAULAY, History of England, Vol. 3, page 224.



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