Lewis County Officials


Source:  "Legislative Manual, New York by Robert Moses, Secretary of State,
(J. B. Lyon Company, Albany), 1928 (no copyright), pgs. 668-817.


Office Name Residence Date Elected Term
County Judge Milton Carter Lowville Nov. 1922 Six years
Surrogate Milton Carter Lowville Nov. 1922 Six years
County Sheriff Emory L. Morrow Lowville Nov. 1926 Three years
County Clerk Peter J. Ulrich Lowville Nov. 1927 Three years
District Attorney Miller B. Moran Lowville Nov. 1926 Three years
County Treasurer Earle H. Barnes Lowville Nov. 1927 Three years
Superintendent of the Poor Loren J. Benton Martinsburg Nov. 1926 Three years


Coroners - term, three years

(1) P. H. Von Zierolshofen, Croghan, Nov. 1925
(2) Albert Letherland, Harrisville, Nov. 1925
(3) Lawrence M. Campbell, Lowville, Nov. 1926

Chairman and Clerks Boards of Supervisors

Fred W. Studer, chairman, Lowville
Charles S. Mereness, clerk, Lowville

Political Committees, 1928

Republican County Chairman and Vice-chairman -
(1) Theodore L. Rogers, Little Falls
(2) Mrs. Jessie B. Wood, Utica, R. F. D.

Democratic County Chairman and Vice-chairman -
(1) Alexander Robinton, Ilion
(2) Mrs. Mary Snow, Ilion



Office Postmaster
Barnes Corners Alma Cotter
Beaver Falls Jennie M. Steinhilber
Bonaparte Vernon H. Peck
Brantingham Mrs. Nan M. Buckley
Constableville Norman D. Higby
Copenhagen Stanley W. Parsons
Croghan Edward J. Monroe
Deer River Wallace B. Hill
Denmark Jay E. Knapp
Glenfield Clarence E. Snyder
Greig Tracy B. Burdick
Harrisville Ray E. Dunlop
Lowville Harry M. Lanpher
Lyons Falls Frederick J. Sheldon
Martinsburg Miss Violetta C. Hazen
New Bremen Mrs. Grace F. Weaver
Number Four Cora L. F. Parker
Osceola Joseph H. Quinn, Jr.
Petries Corners Nicholas Ossont
Port Leyden Robt. L. Wilcox
Talcot ville Walter Grubel
Turin Otto K. Wasmuth
West Leyden Henry Schmaker