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At End of Half Century Three of Principals in Double Marriage Still Living - Eight Sons and Daughters of Both Unions Rejoice at Parents' Long Life

Snow covered the fences near West Leyden and lay deep on the streets of Rome when fifty years ago today two young couples drove into town to be married by Father Smith, now deceased, in St. Mary's Church.

They were Miss Mary Ritzel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ritzel, town of Ava, her brother Richard, Miss Mary Ritter of the same township and Godfrey Greiner of West Leyden. All but Miss Ritter, who died 30 years ago, are alive, well, strong and happy, to celebrate their Golden Wedding Day.

Mr. And Mrs. Greiner, after 47 years on a farm a quarter of a mile outside of West Leyden, have spent the last seven years in Rome. They live at 108 N. Jay street. Mr. Ritzel resides in Utica.

The children of both families, 16 in all, with other relatives, are uniting to make the anniversary a day always to be remembered. Congratulations they have poured in upon the old folks, and this evening in the Catholic Association building, soon after an appetizing dinner in preparation, fifty dollars in gold will be presented to Mr. And Mrs. Greiner. The rooms have been reserved for the afternoon and evening.

Mary Ritzel is the youngest of the children of the late Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ritzel. Richard is the oldest. Mr. Greiner is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Francis Greiner. Witnesses of the ceremony were Miss Lottie Greiner, a sister of Mr. Greiner, and John Wilbert. Both have since died at their homes near West Leyden.

Mr. Greiner remembers that on April 4, 1872, snow covered the fences in the country and made a thick coating over the streets of the city. He recalls the appearance of St. Mary's Church, then within three or four months of completion. Rough temporary pers had been installed and services were conducted on Sunday and other days almost before the noise of the carpenter's hammers had left off.

Mr. Greiner will be 77 years old the last day of this month. He is employed by the Rome Metallic Bedstead Company and works every day. Mrs. Greiner will be 76 years old on June 25. Mr. Ritzel's age is 87.

All eight children born to Mr. and Mrs. Greiner are living.

They are:
Frank Greiner, Utica; Mrs. Frank Fogarty, Rome; Mrs. John A. Hamlin, New York; Miss Anna Greiner, Rome; Mrs. Fred Blackstone, Chadwicks; Mrs. Raymond Parker, Miss Lena Greiner, Mrs. Earl Carey, Utica. Eight of the ten children of the union of Mr. and Mrs. Ritzel are also living.

Contributed by Lisa Slaski