Lewis County Civil War Soldiers
Contributed by Charles Shaw

Many people are not aware that I wrote Where Brave Men Sleep, a book on Lewis County men and their burial sites. The data I sent you is in addition to the 2,600 plus veterans I name in this book.

Many people are upset that their ancestor is not in that list and don't understand the abbreviations used. I stated in the body of my e-mail that the book will probably not be reprinted and included a list of abbreviations.

[Abbreviations which I forgot to include. Sorry - Jan Cortez] Abbreviations used:

b. .........Buried
cia ........Captured in action
disdis ....Discharged for disabilty
mo/co ...Mustered out with the company
VRC ......Veteran Reserve Corps
* indicates page number in "Where Brave Men Sleep"

Charlie Shaw

Name Co-Regt Date-place of enlistment age Record from NYS Adj. General Reports
Barnes, EzraD 146Inf8/29/62 Boonville33deserted 12/26/62 (Greig) buried Boonville Cemetery, Boonville, NY *page 63
Bates, NormanD 146Inf8/29/62 Boonville207/16/65 mo/co (Greig) *page 63
Blinn, Daniel D.A 128Inf8/9/62 Canaan197/12/65 mo/co *page 33
Chatfield, Emmett G.Sgt F 3Art2/1/62 Syracuse32deserted 9/7/63 Greig) *page 66
Dayan, Albert H.B 59Inf7/15/61 Lowville19disdis 5/5/62 L 5Art 8/28/62

Lowville186/26/65 buried Alfred Rural Cemetery, Allegany Co. 1846-1904 *page 68
Edmonds, NicholasM 10Art8/11/62 Pamelia26disdis 11/11/62 (Denmark) *page 69
Hoage, Newcomb T.Cpl M21Cav1/4/64 Boonville306/26/65 hospital *page 33
Judson, Sherman C.Sgt A 20Cav8/17/63 Denmark297/31/65 mo/co buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Poland, Herkimer Co. *page 74
Knoon, Thos. (Noon)G 78Inf12/3/61 China21trans 7/12/64 G 102Inf 12/24/64 *page 29
Lashure, FrederickA 3Cav3/4/64 Trenton31trans 7/21/65 F 1NY Mtd Rifles 9/6/65 to 4NYProvisional Cav. *page 23
Leaf, NapoleonU 12Inf10/11/62 Buffalo21no further record *page 35
Mosher, FranklinF 14Art9/14/63 Croghan25deserted 1/24/64 buried Northville Cemetery, Fulton County *page 77
Ormsby, Jas. V.A 142Inf7/30/62 Macomb336/7/65 mo/co (Harrisburg) *page 78
Peebles, David W. (Pebbles)
Born 1831 Martinsburg
died 1/3/63 Nashville, Tenn.*page 79
Peebles, Jas. S. (Pebbles)H 26CavBorn Martinsburg 2/9/65 Watertown317/7/65 mo/co
Peebles, Orrin (Pebbles)
Born 1832 Martinsburg
enlisted Co A 1 Wisconsin Cavalry
Peebles, Thos. (Pebbles)
Born 1836 Martinsburg
died at Chickamauga
Perkins, AlfredF 186Inf8/30/64 Leyden186/2/65 mo/co Moved from Greig to Blue Springs, NE in 1870 to Denver, CO in 1890 buried Sunset, CO. *page 79
Petrie, MarcusC 60Inf10/4/61 Hammond33disdis 1/17/63 *page 32
Prichard, John E.1Lt H 5Art11/27/61 NY City27resigned 8/13/63 (Turin) *page 80
Redner, JoelI 166Inf11/5/62 Monroe22trans 11/13/63 no further record *page 34
Seidel, Geo.F 14Inf 8/25/62Boonville19trans 6/24/63 F 44Inf VRC 3/15/64-7/14/65 (West Turin) *page 82
Shaffer, JacobL 5Art8/25/64 Lowville226/26/65 buried Ogden, Monroe Co. *page 82
Taft, DelosI 117Inf8/7/62 Western336/8/65 mo/co (Lewis) buried Rome Cemetery, Oneida County *page 85
Taylor, Hiram P.F 14Inf8/11/62 Boonville28trans 6/24/63 F 44Inf trans 10/11/64 E 146Inf 6/3/65 (Greig) *page 85
Vickery, Wm. M.I 14Inf5/7/61 Turin216/24/63 mo/co *page 86
Waters, Elon M.C 35InfFrom Watson 5/15/61 Theresa196/5/63 mo/co *page 31