The Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY,
Thursday, May 27, 1909

transcribed from
the site
by Lisa Slaski



Old Comrades Will Strew Their

Mounds With Flowers.


And Tribute to Their Memory and Heroic Deeds Will be Given by Rev. Lester G. Simon on Memorial Day.


The following is a list of names of deceased soldiers buried in the town of Lowville, as far as known by the Memorial day committee. If any one knows of any others whose names are not in this list, they will confer a favor on Post Bailey by reporting the name and location of the grave to W. D. Parker, post adjutant.


Rural Cemetery.

War of Revolution—Capt. Charles Davenport, John Shull.

War of 1812—Bilia Davenport, Ira

Davenport, Alexander Davenport, Charles Davenport, Dr. Ira Adams, Major M. Wells, Seymour Murry, Jehiel Rice, Abel S. Rice, Gen. Joseph Northrup, Rev. Reuben Chase, Henry McCarty, Timothy Mills, Joseph Arthur, Thomas Nicholson, Ransom Stevens, Calvin Lewis, Jared House, Charles Dayan, Lemuel Morse, Andy Shaffer, Davidson Mosher, Oliver Hedden, Simeon Stoddard.

War of the Rebellion, '61 and '65.— John Herring, Charles Phillips, Michael Phalon, Capt. Michael Kirley, Major Lewis F. Dewey, David O'Keefe, Daniel Sullivan. George S. Porter, Michael Smith, Nelson Soper, David Loucks,

Cyrus Sheldon, John Lamont, C. V. T. Holm, Henry Rettis, Albert Lofler, Edward Dayan, Patrick Kennedy, Anson

Rockwell, Sidney Day, James Nolen, Harry Grant, Louis Toussant, George W. Morrow, J. O. Voorhes,

Ichabod D. Murray, Christopher Boyle, David Reese, Samuel Rea, W. W. Bates, George R. Barrett, James A.

Powell, George Carter, George W. Archer, A. C. Stephens, Andrew Sweet, Nathaniel Pratt, William Moren, Peter

George, B. Scofield, Willington McNett, Dr. Franklin Hough, Sylvester Miller, W. R. Merrill, Jacob Merrill, Jacob Morse, B. F. King, Peter Munce, Michael O'Horo, Peter S. Callahan, Joseph Radel, Truman Hulbert, Thomas Noon, Patrick Burk, Dr. Monroe P. Crosby, Cyrus Garvin, Lieut. H. P. Chambers, James Forsythe, Henry Fraker, Herman Milks, George G. Henry, Lieut Warren L. Scott, Alexander Nichols, Lieut. Louis Croissant, Capt. John Beattie, Henry Haberer, William Voigt, James M. Wood, Peter Callahan, Frank Locklin, Elisha Back, Edson Mellon, Charles Strife, Michael Kelly, John Phillips, Charles Scofield, A. P. Harrington, Frank B. Towsley, Christopher Halsworth, James A. Mareness, L. B. Noulton, Byron VanPatten, W. R. Coats, William Laney, H. W. Brown, James Coffee, A. S. Sears, Edward Phillips. Alfred Williams, James Callahan, George Wegg, C. B. Hammond, Alex. Jeffers, Ebenezer Britton.


Old Cemetery, Lowville.

War Revolution—Captain Jonathan Rogers.

War 1812—Ira Stevens, Anchon Shorr, Joseph Webb, Lemuel Wood.

War '61 and '66.—George Woodward. Hiram Porter, Henry B. Sabine, Edward Lewis, Charles Simons, Milo Tuttle, Luther Woodruff, Alexander Lavine, Frank Porter, Henry Diefendorf, James Barker.


Friends Burying Ground.

War Revolution—Rufus Spence.

War 1812—John Tuttle, Ira Hubbard.


East Road Cemetery

War '61 and '65. Alfred Ebblie, Reuben W. Ralph, John Diefendorf.


Stow Square Cemetery.

Revolution—Moses Dewitt.

War 1812— Fenner Bosworth, Moses Waters, David Brigham, Capt. Jesse Wilcox.

War '61 and '65—Thomas Marron.


Reed Cemetery.

War 1812—Peter Reed.

War '61 and '65—Jeremiah Plopper, Josiah Phinney, Howard Arthur, Jones Cummins, James Plopper, Charles Peeler.


West Lowville Cemetery.

War 1812—Cok Nathan Cook, Zeboni Carter, Abel Lanpher, Israel Knight, Frederus Carter, John Allen, John Starring, Isaac Carter,Pardon Lanpher, Mark Petrie.

War '61 and '66— Sylvester Day, Alfied- Potter, William Bickford, Henry Plopper, John Bradt, Ira Hulin, John M. Moore, W. J. Jones, Carl Thomas, Harvey Day.

Frary Ground.

War 1812—Rev. Ichabod D. Murry, Juba Murry.


Greeley's Landing.

War Revolution—Col. John Spafford.

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