Lewis County Fire Wardens

Contributed by: Lisa Slaski

Source: New York Forest Commission, Annual Report, 1892 (presented to the State Assembly on March 30, 1893)


Lewis County:

Town, Firewarden, P.O. address

Croghan, George Nortz, Belfort

Denmark, John T. Martin, Denmark

Diana, M. A. Samson, Sterling Bush

Greig, Scudder Todd, Lyons Falls

Harrisburgh, Frank McCarthy, Copenhagen

Highmarket, John Harrington, Highmarket

Lewis, Paul Finister, West Leyden

Leyden, Robert Roberts, Leyden

Lowville, Ira Sharp, Lowville

Lyonsdale, James Dority, Lyonsdale

Martinsburgh, William Williams, East Martinsburgh

Montague, Orrin H. Spencer, Gardner’s Corners

New Bremen, Johnson Turk, Croghan

Osceola, William Roll, Osceola

Pinckney, James Bourk, Barnes Corners

Turin, Edward A. Shepherd, Turin

Watson, Samuel Rennie, Chase’s Lake

West Turin, Adam Kotary, Constableville

“The Firewardens are not salaried officials. They receive pay only for such time as they are on duty at a forest fire. They are appointed by the Forest Commission, but their services are a town charge.”