The Mennonite Heritage Farm
Owned and operated by the Adirondack Mennonite Heritage Association and Historical Society
P.O. Box 368, 8778 Erie Canal Road, Croghan, NY 13327
The Adirondack Mennonite Heritage Association and Historical Society originated more than six generations after the first Amish-Mennonite settlers arrived in the New World.  The emigration from Alsace-Lorraine in the first half of the Nineteenth Century to the Lewis County area was a journey of faith.  AMHA Board members and supporters believe strongly in the need to perserve this unique religious and cultural heritage. Great progress has already been made but much more needs to be done.
One of the ways to remind the current generation of the past is to show it to them.  The Mennonite Heritage Farm, located on the Erie Canal Road in Kirschnerville, was home to three generations of the Moser family. They cleared the land, built a shelter, and raised animals and crops.  Later, they planted gardens, made butter and cheese and operated a farm.  The barn, granary, tools and equipment, harnesses and fanning mill are part of an original farmstead where Amish-Mennonite ancestors lived.
The farmhouse is of special interest because it was in this setting, and other homes on a rotational format, where religious services were held for approximately three generations. Displays in the "Worship Room" help visitors gain an understanding of church practices before 1912 when the Croghan Mennonite Church was built.  The freedom to worship without intervention was one of the reasons the decision was made to settle in North America.
AMHA has established a clear goal for the farmstead, which will eventually become a restored, well-maintained, open-air museum.  The Board and members of the Association are grateful for past support.  Donations, grants, volunteer labor and thousands of homemade pies have accomplished much.  Progress in achieving the goal of restoring and maintaining the farm property is occurring in phases.
Phase I
The farm was purchased in February 1990, for $ 40,000; ten years later the mortgage was paid in full.
Phase II
During this period of time the focus was primarily on maintenance and restoration projects. Work included the installation of a new septic system, painting and staining , roof and wall repairs, building a new front porch floor, and the installation of a security system.
Phase III
The present phase is development of the farmstead into an attractive living museum.  Some projects, such as the stabilization of the buildings, are of the highest priority.  Establishing the museum on the Mennonite Heritage Farm property will serve as a reminder of God's faithfulness over many years.  This memorial, similar to that of the Israelites under Joshua's leadership, will have a significant impact on future generations. The message of God's grace and faithfulness is enduring.
AMHA is pleased to report progress in raising funds for various projects related to the present phase.  The stone wall of the stable is being rebuilt this year (2005) with a fund balance large enough to complete the work. Replacing the house roof this year is a necessity.  Two local businesses have made major contributions by donating roofing materials needed including the shingles, paper and flashing.  But challenges lie ahead. Restoring the house will be labor-intensive because of the time required to jack uneven areas, repair stone work and stabilize the entire foundation and frame structure. The estimate for labor and materials for work planned this year is $ 30,000.  And additional funds will equal more progress.  Volunteer labor has been a valuable cost savings in the past and is most appreciated. Financial donations are needed and will result in successful steps in reaching the ultimate goal of  developing the Mennonite Heritage property.
The farmstead, when restored, can help tell a faith story - a faith story which is a precious gift this generation has inherited. This story will also benefit future generations. A mark has been indelibly stamped on the local community and its churches.  At this crucial stage, AMHA is requesting that you prayerfully consider a financial contribution. All contributions are tax deductable and can be sent to the Association Treasurer.
The address is:
Mrs. Carolyn Henry
4348 Saunders Road
Clinton, N.Y. 13323
Membership to the AMHA is also available at the above address.
 "......we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done."
Psalms 78:4 NIV

Donated by: Charmaine

"This is a not for profit group- they hold the Z-Fest every 4th of July as their main fund raiser- they demonstrate soap making and many other oldtyme activities.... Kirschnerville it two miles east of Croghan."...Charmaine
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