Official Year Book and Directory

Lewis County Granges 1937

Patrons of Husbandry

List of Granges

(Currently a work in progress by Charmaine Campany) 

"The Grange is a family where the father's manhood, the mother's
devotion, the brother's affection, and the sister's love are so
cultivated and developed that they reach out beyond the preview of the
family circle, and embrace with fraternal kindness to every member of
the Order, practically obeying the injunction of our Savior when He
said: "Thou shalt love they neighbor as theyself." This is the
fellowship of the noblest character."
Turin Grange Port Leyden Grange Glendale Grange
West Leyden Grange Greig Grange Osceola Grange
Leyden Grange Beaver Falls Grange Kirschnerville Grange
Belfort Grange New Bremen Grange Erie Grange
Riverbank Grange Adirondack Grange Petrie's Corners Grange
Gardner's Corners Grange Barnes Corners Grange Lowville Grange
Denmark Grange Harrisburg Grange Copenhagen Grange

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