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Updated November 18, 2008

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Janet from Washington
Surnames:   HALL
Date posted:   18 Nov 2008
 I am searching for any other HALL researchers. Franklin L. Hall Sr. m.Fannie M. Flanders, had these children: Franklin Jr., Kenneth, Eva May, Lois Evelyn, Ruth, Minnie (Mame). I know that Franklin Sr. was born in Clayton, I don't know where he married and had his children. I have his ancestry back to a man b. in 1788 in Cape Vincent, NY, and would like to combine efforts with others of this family.
Thank you.

Researcher:  CLW
Surnames:  Chapman, Crandall, Stanford
Date Posted:  17 Nov 2008
 I am searching for a paper record of the marriage license of William Chapman (son of Shubal Chapman) and Mary L. (Polly) Crandall.
They were supposedly married in Martinsburg, Lewis County, NY
ca 1823 according to the LDS.  Can anyone help me find a paper
document of this marriage?  I am also searching for information on
Thankful Stanford found on the 1850 Lewis County census living in the home of Rueben Jilson.

Researcher:  Cheryl Bowman
Subject:  Peter Keyser Bowman family
Surnames::  Keyser, Keiser, Kayser, Kyser
Date Posted:  17 Nov 2008
 I would appreciate exchanging information with anyone who could give me any leads, suggestions or details regarding the parents of Peter Keyser/Keiser/Kayser/Kyser Bowman, physician, according to the censuses, born 1819, NY.  Peter was first seen on record in Lauderdale County, AL., in July, 1848, marrying Margaret Ann Campbell, daughter of Ailsy Reeder (dau of David Reeder) and James Edward Campbell.  Peter and Margaret migrated to Hempstead County, AR, in ~1849 and are seen on the Hempstead federal census in 1850 with baby Francis, 2.  They are later seen on the Little River, AR, census in 1860 without Francis, but with children, Silas Wright, James Edward, Calbert Cleveland, Villie, John and girls, Mary Ella and martha.  Peter died in 1865, intestate, his family indigent,  and there is no record that he participated in the Civil War,
I believe that Peter was named after the much respected and well known Bretheren minister, Peter Keyser, from the Philadelphia, PA, an area not so terribly remote from the border of NY state where Peter was born, who had an activie ministry in the early 1800's, and was said to have been able to quote the bible from cover to cover.  Peter's first son, his second child, was named "Silas Wright" Bowman, I speculate, after the noted and much beloved NY governor from Canton, Lewis County, NY, who held his post from ~1840-1844.  These facts, his namesake and his son's,  would seem to place Peter in the NY area from birth until possibly the early 1840's given that at this time, communication between different parts of the county was poor to nonexistent.  Most of the population knew very little about  people and events beyond the borders of a hundred mile radius of their own homes and communities.  Thus, it is easy to surmise that Peter was born in NY and did not leave the area until the mid 1840's, possibly after obtaining his physician training, even.
I would appreciate any info or leads anyone can give me on this man, Peter Keyser Bowman, born, 1819, NY.  Thank you. 
Researcher:  Truth Seeker
Surnames:  Markham, Jones
Date Posted:  15 Nov 2008
 I'm looking for any descendants of JAY MARKHAM or descendants of his brothers or sister. JAY was born 5 March 1871 and was coowner of a feed mill in Lyons Falls. He died 28 April 1956 is the General Hospital in Lowville, NY. Jay and his wife the former Lou Jones, has two daughters - Marion, born 25 Aug 1896 and Catherine, born 21 March 1904.

Researcher:  Doug Williamson
Subject:  Letters
Surnames:  Bradford, Coon, Burr, Shaver, Miller
Date Posted:  15 Nov 2008
 We have unpublished letters from 1834 addressed to Joseph Bradford
                                                                                 Paris Green  Oneida County
                                                                                 Constableville   New York
In these letters are mentioned the Coon (spelling?) family, Burr, and a Betsey Shaver.  Our family descends from Joseph Bradford and Martha Miller Bradford.  Martha was the sister to early settler James Miller of West Turin.  I would appreciate any information concerning these people or Paris Green.

Researcher:  Robert Guckemus
Subject:  Old Glastonbury Inn photos
Date Posted:  15 Nov 2008
 I am looking for any pictures of the Old Glastonbury Inn. My recently deceased Brother in law ( Rhone ) lived there as a child, and we would like to have a drawing done of the building for his wife.
Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

Researcher:  Andy Metheny
Surnames: Bennett, Blake
Date Posted:  15 Nov 2008
 We are looking for family records for Laura Caroline Blake and Philander Bennett.
We have only the following information from their son's CWpension application - that {Laura C.Bennett] was married at [her] home at Denmark, New York to Philander Bennett ... the ceremony being performed by Elder Rogers on the 15 day of October 1840.

Researcher:  R Stanford
Surnames:  VanAernam, Mcintyres, Fruin
Date Posted:  15 Nov 2008
 I am looking for any info on surnames VanAernam/Mcintyres

Any info on aubrey Vanaernam, ethel Fruin, carol mcintyre families would be apprieciated.births deaths of relitives.  All from Lewis county NY

Researcher:  Dorothy
Surnames:  Reimiller, Rimiller, Sassenbury
Date Posted:  15 Nov 2008
 Am looking for  information on  the names of the parents and siblings of Nichols Reimiller (Rimiller) 1831 - 1907 of Mudd Lake near West Leyden. He was married to Louisa Sassenbury.  He is my great-grandfather.  I can't find him on any census prior to his marriage. He is buried in the West Leyden cemetery. I can't find marriage records in the internet.

Researcher:  Joe Kery
Surnames:  Horvath, Depan, Kery, Youhse/Yousey, Lewis
Date Posted:  15 Nov 2008
 I am looking for a Katherine Horvath, Born: 1882 in Hungary, D: 1972 in Broome County, NY, she is buried in the Old Germany Cemetery in Lewis County with her 3rd husband Jacob A. Depan. She was married to a Charles Kery in Virginia and a Youhse or Yousey in Lewis County at one time. I am related to both Kery and Lewis lines in Lewis County.
Any information would be helpful, Thanks

Researcher:  Barbara Snyder
Subject:  Copenhagen Soldier's Monument
Date Posted:  10 Nov 2008
 I would like to know the year the Copenhagen soldier's monument was unveiled.  I have a souvenir creamer from f lansing company with a sketch of the monument on it's front.  Does anyone know any history on this item?  I seems very old.
I am originally from Copenhagen New York and this is fascinating for me, I just would love to know more

Researcher: Lynn Gaulin
Surnames:  Fall, Wright, Vaughan
Date Posted:  10 Nov 2008

 John H. Fall, Listed in1810 Census, Lewis County.  Would like to know what town John Fall lived in.  Not listed on census.  Any information about Fall Family or Wright Family.  Erastus Fall Married a Wright Daughter and trying to find links and information about families. 

Researcher:  Keith Greeney
Surnames:  Greeney, Delano, Caval (Cavell)
Date Submitted:  June 18, 2008
Date Posted:  10 Nov 2008
 My family tree has roots in Jefferson County (Peter Greeney), Lewis County (Charles Delano).  Some of the names dating back to the mid-1800's are Mary Burch Greeney (Peter's wife), David, George, Belva, and Lewis Greeney;  Jane Caval Delano (Charles' wife) and dau. Martha Delano.  Any information or leads would be apprecated.

Researcher:  Joe Kery
Surnames:  Lewis, Depan
Date posted:  10 Nov 2008 

 Looking for information on Herman N. Lewis (Born 1889) and his wife Helen D. (Born 1889); and their children Margaret (Born 1914), Amy(Born 1911), Helen (Born 1922), Ruth(Born 1917), Eleanor (1908), Harold (Born 1909).

Also looking for Katherine or Catherine Depan (Born 1881, Died Aug 1972) married a Jacob A. Depan. Thanks

Researcher:  Marcia Buffett 
Surnames:  Hardy
Date posted:  10 Nov 2008 
 Looking for parents and siblings of Albert Hardy who lived in Montague Township, Lewis County. Albert was born about 1888 and married Mildred (?) He had a son Charles in 1917. Any information about this family will be greatly appreciated.
Researcher: Marcia Buffett

Researcher:  Marcia Buffett 
Surnames:  Hardy, Hutchins
Date posted:  10 Nov 2008
 Looking for parents and siblings of Charles Hardy (1917-1978) married to Loretta Hutchins (1921-1987). charles was born in the Township of Montague and may have been the son of Lyle V. Hardy who is buried in Beeches Bridge Cem. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher:   Jack Anderson
                      256 Orchard Lane
                      McClure Pa 17841
                      717 543-5254
Surnames:     Anderson, Packard, Clark
Date Posted: 10 Nov 2008

 I am looking for any descendants of Joseph Anderson who was born in Hingham Mass in 1721, Married Hannah Packard, His father was Jonathan Anderson and Jonathan's father was Joseph Anderson who was born in Scotland in 1699.
Joseph Anderson B 1721 moved to Cummington Mass where he lived until 1804.. This is when he traveled with John Clark and his family to Lewis County NY and settled on the hill near the old # 3 road..  Joseph Andrson is burried in the Riverside cemetery along Deer River in Copenhagen Ny...  Joseph's son Elijah moved from Lewis County with his son John Wesley Anderson to Crawford County Pa, Elijah and John Wesley are burried in the old Edinboro Cemetery near Edinboro Lake in Edinboro PA . They owned land in Washington County on Sherrod Hill Road,,

Anyway if you are searching this same tree and would like to know what I have gathered thus far please feel free to contact me.. If you have any information regarding Andersons that lived in Lewis County or know any information regarding the Anderson Tree please contact me.

Researcher:  Peter Urtz 
Surnames:  Urtz
Date posted:  19 Oct 2008

 I am looking for information and a picture of the Urtz homestead in Prussian
Settlement that burned on May 6, 1951.
This was the last standing original homestead of the five Urtz brothers that donated the land for St. Mary's Church and cemetery in Prussian Settlement.

Researcher:  joansulm@netscape.net
Surnames:  ??
Date posted 15 Oct 2008
 I am searching for my husbands family, I understand they had a small farm near LOWVILLE. His name was Joseph, she was Eugenia. They had 5 children Frank (Francis) Lillian, Leonard, Tessie,  and Eugene. The approxamate time should be 1908-1925.
Please send any responses to joansulm@netscape.net   

Researcher:  Marcell Dickinson Warren
Surnames:  Dickinson
Date Posted:  15 Oct 2008
 I am looking for an obituary for a Joseph Dickinson who is in the 1840 census in Turin, Lewis County.  He is between 70-80 at that census, and I believe he died there.  Or any other information on this Joseph would be greatly appreciated - a burial site, will, etc.  I believe he had a son, John L., in Martinsburg, and a son, Richard, in Lowville around 1840-50.   Marcell Dickinson Warren

Researcher:  Jon
Surnames:  Hays Eaton
Date posted"  15 Oct 2008
I am looking for the specific place of birth of William F. Hays, born in Lewis Co. about 1824.  I would also like to find out his parents' names.  He married Mary Frances  Eaton in Herkimer Co in 1850.  He was a homeopathic physician in Little Falls for a few years before moving to Iowa in 1857.

Researcher:  Alan R. Clark
Surnames:  Stockwell
Date posted:  01 April 2008

Seek an obit for Catherine COOPER passed on 11/10/1945 Copenhagen

Alan R. Clark
Adult Reference Librarian
Jacksonille Public Library
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Researcher:  Fay Stronach
Surnames:  Stockwell
Date posted:  01 April 2008

 Looking for info on Saloma  Allen Stockwell, who died in Carthage in the late 30's children, Lyndon Stockwell, Willard Stockwell, also Florence, Bessie and Lula Allen from her first marriage to Drayter Allen   I just verified that Saloma was my great grandmother and I would like to find more info on her, would love to know her maiden name and nationality.  Thanks 

 looking for info. on Drayter (possibly this is a middle name) Allen who married Saloma Reed lived in Monague in 1880, they had one child that i know of my grandmother Florence born 1879 i recently found Florences obt. so have verified she was my grandmother, would really like more info. Drayter must have passed away and Saloma married Charles Stockwell and had several children by Charles  Bessie, Lula, Willard, Lyndon, and i believe Dorthy. Florence is the only Allen child i can find. would really like more info on Drayter and who his parents and sibblings were.

Researcher:  Barb
Surnames:  Dobson  Vena
Date posted:  01 April 2008

 Looking for Charles Adelbert Dobson, aks Bert Dobson and wife Melvina
(Vena)Francis Dobson. Bert Dobson's dob is 1880 at Harrisville, NY, dod 1934 and believed to be buried at Harrisville Catholic Cemetery. Bert was a guide and had many camps in the High falls and Wanakena area. Son of Myron and Ella Palmer Dobson. Melvina was from Fine NY and died abt 1916 at High Falls. They had 4 children, Marion Christina,dob 1908 harrisville Ny, Helen, Roger and Canna Elizabeth. Bert had 2 brothers, Herbert and Guy Dobson.

Melvina had a sister that married Nelson St. Lawrence from Harrisville. I have not been able to locate this family in any census records and would welcome any feedback. Bert and Melvina are my husbands grandparents.

also Looking for information of a marriage for Vena Francis to Bert Dobson probably between 1903-1907 in the Harrisville, NY area. Vena is the daughter of Fred and Amelia Francis and Bert is the son of Myron and Ella Palmer Dobson also from the Harrisville area.

Vena and Bert are our grandparents. Also tracing Joshua and Diana Kinsman Dobson.Bert Dobson's
birth name is Charles Adelbert (Albert) but he ended up going by Bert and most all writings about him list his name as Bert.(seems he was a well known guide in the area and he had many camps where folks came from many areas and stayed. They were known as "Dobson Camps". Vena's full name as best we can fiqure was Melvena Francis but Vena is the name on her death certificate. She died when our Mom was 7 so it has been very hard to find much about her. I have searched all the old newspapers on here and find her name about 3 times but it was always before she married Bert. They had 4 children, all born in Harrisville as was she and Bert. I know Vena had sisters, one married Nelson St. Lawrence and a brother that was killed on his job in 1912.

I am trying so hard to know this part of the family and hope that someone might know them or be related and respond.
Thanks so much.

Researcher:  Jim Gaudet
Date posted:  31 Mar 2008

I am looking for birth/baptism information on two Gagnon ancestors
(siblings) for a Marie (c. 1885-86) and a Jean (John) Baptiste (c.
1887) in
Harrisville-Diana area.  Both were the children of Joseph or Joachim
and a Mathilde GARRON/GAREAU.
Thank you.

Researcher:  Charlene
Surnames:  Radell
Date posted:  31 Mar 2008

 John J. Radell was the son of Peter Radell.  Peter Radell was a brother to my Great Grandfather Vincent Radell.  Would like to heard from anyone from this family.
Friday, July 7, 1932 / John J. Radell died at his home in Sauquoit.  John J. Radell 78, passed away Thursday, after an illness of about one year.  He was born near Boonville, November 8, 1855/6.   He came to Utica where he conducted a mill supply business, being a member of the firm of Lawton & Radell and later of Radell & Bowman.  In 1918 he retired from business and has since lived on his farm in Sauquoit where he was active in local affairs.  His good fellowship drew to him a wide circle of friends, who will regret his dimise.  He is survived by his widow, Mary Kiefer Radell; two daughters Celia M.Radell, Sauquoit and Mrs. Arthur J. O'Connor, Milwaukee; a son Anthony J. Radell, Sauquoit; a brother, Martin P. Radell, Michigan; and four sisters, Mrs. John Kunkel, Mrs. Nicholas Haver, Clara A. Radell of Utica, and Mrs. Matthew Peifer of Port Leyden.  The funeral will be held from St. Anthony's Church, Willowvale, Monday morning.
Lowville Republican Newspaper, Thursday, August 25, 1932 / Mrs. Mary Keifer Radell, widow of John J. Radell, died at her home in Sauquoit, Sunday night.  Death was caused by heart disease.  She was born at West Leyden, May 11, 1859 daughter of Joseph and Barbara Houck Keifer.  Mr. Radell died last month.  She is survived by two daughters, Celia Radell, Sauquoit, and Mrs. Arthur J. O"Connor, Miliwaukee; a son, Anthony J. Radell, Sauquoit; and two grandchildren in Milwaukee.  Funeral services will be held today.

Researcher:  Shelley
Surnames:  Baldwin Dailey McFaul
Date posted:  31 Mar 2008

 Looking for any information on Stephenson Baldwin (b1838, d 1878), Letitia McFaul Baldwin (b1838, d 1924, probably in Jamesville/Syracuse area), their daughter Jessie Baldwin (b1874 - d1904), who married William Dailey (b 1867 - d1903), Jessie lived in Grieg c1890 - 1904 until her death.  Letitia's father was Archibald McFaul (b 1816, d ?), Letitia I believe was born in Canada.  Jessie and William Dailey had 5 children who survived to adulthood:  Nellie Dailey (married Harrienger), Bessie Dailey (married Teal, then Quant), Mary Lily Dailey (married Reed), Florence Dailey (later adopted and renamed Lelia Terpenning - my grandmother), and Norris Dailey.  Thank you for any/all responses!! 

Researcher:  Terry Bohrman
Surnames:  Rice Fuller
Date posted:  31 Mar 2008

 My husband's gg grandfather was Warren Rice (b 13 Jul 1815 in Martinsburg)  His parents were Ebenezer Rice (d 17 Jun 1859 in Martinsburg) and Sarah Fuller (d 2 Sep 1840 in Martinsburg).  We are planning to be in that area at the end of April, 2008.  We want to research this family more.  Do you have genealogy resources in the library?  Are there other places we should visit?   Thank you for any help you can give.  

Researcher:  Lynn M. Thornton
Subject:  Ora Tyler and family from Barnes Corners; letters, diaries and pictures help with identification etc.
Date posted:  31 Mar 2008

 I have letters, diaries and pictures relating to Ora Tyler and family from Barnes Corners from 1850 on.  I'm looking for someone who would be able to help with identification etc.  Am hoping to assemble and somehow publish the materials.
Lynn M. Thornton
Town of Champion Historian
31 Bridge Street
Carthage, NY 13619

(315) 493-3213

Researcher:  Bernice Baker
Subject:  J E Haberer Furniture Company
Date posted:  31 Mar 2008  

 I am trying to obtain any information available on the J E Haberer Furniture Company of Lowville, NY. I am in possession of a dresser that belonged to my grandfather, and would like to know the history of this piece.

Researcher:  Carole K.
Surnames:  Driggs or Diggs Ward Hubbard
Date posted:  07 Feb 2008

 I am looking for anyone with any clues to the death of Henry D. (Driggs or Diggs) Civil War Veteran.  He was married to Polly Ward in in 1848 had son DeAlton M. Hubbard in Sep. 1849. A daughter may also have been born to them.

This couple moved to Lewis County, NY from Jefferson Co., NY by 1860 when they were listed in Greig. In 1870 they are living in Watson and have two more children Oakey & Emma. DeAlton died in 1863 Civil War???
Henry & Polly is listed in the 1880 Census in Lewis County but Polly is listed as a widow by 1885.
Polly was a founding member of the Baptist church in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY before her marriage.
Any ideas welcome. Need to know his death date, burial information, etc. Probate would be great!
Thanks in advance for your assistance

Researcher:  Dana Dean
Surname:  Mott
Date posted: 07 Feb 2008

 Looking for any information relating to Francis J. Mott, born 1834, in New York .  I believe he may have been from Lewis County .  He enlisted in the 7th New York Cavalry (aka, 1st Mounted Rifles or Black Horse Cavalry) in 1861 in Lowville.  He appears in the 1875 Kansas Census in Lola Township, Cherokee County, Kansas, as F. J. Mott (although an apparent transcription error lists him as T. J. Mott) with his daughter A. (we believe it to be his daughter Alice) born in Texas 1873, and son J. A. Mott born in Kansas 1875, who is also known as Delbert or Adelbert James Mott.  With him in the census is also M. Mott, a female, born abt 1835 in New York . He married a woman named Susan who was from Missouri .  Francis later appears in Jasper County , Missouri , census of 1880, with Susan and children.  She applied for his Civil War pension death benefits in 1894.  I assume he passed in Missouri but cannot find anything to support that.  I am interested in finding out if there is a relation to Jeremiah and Melissa Mott, from Lewis County , whose children were Alice and James.  Really looking for any information on Francis J. Mott or any possible relations that could help me discover who his parents are and if he had any siblings and their identities.  I cannot find anything about him prior to his Civil War service.  His son, Adelbert, is my great grandfather.
Thank you.

Researcher:  Barbara Badger
Surnames:  Stanford Finch
Date posted:  05 Feb 2008

 I am looking for information of Edwin Joseph Stanford (b.England abt. 1820), spouse Emily E. Finch (b. England abt. 1840, Immigrated abt 1857/na 1858): First child, Fabian C. Stanford born Harrisville, Lewis Co., 1862. Find no 1860 Census records.
Other children:
Edwin b.1866; Joseph H. b. 1867; Ruby (Rosa) b. 1867, Anna (Hannah) b. 1869,etc.
By 1870 (and after) they were in Jefferson County and show up in respective U.S. Census.
Thank you,

Researcher:  Claydene A. Hamblin
Surnames:  Hamblin Hamlin Kitts
Date posted:  05 Feb 2008

 I am looking for any information with the surnames of Hamblin/Hamlin or Kitts.  Circa 1800 and later.  Lowville, Martinsburg, Carthage, Harrisville areas. 

"May God Bless Our Troops and Veterans, Guide and Protect Them. God Bless the USA!"

Researcher:  Fay Stronach
Surname:  Allen
Date posted:  05 Feb 2008
 I am searching for info. on Drayter Allen b. 1856
                                       Saloma Allen (wife) b. 1857
                                       Florence Allen (Daughter) b. 1878 or 1879
lived in Montague, Lewis County in 1880, I believe Florence is possibly my grandmother but, can find no info on this family after 1880 and no info.  before that date
Thank you

Researcher:  Starr Hays
Subject:  Copenhagen Cemetery in Lewis County ? 
Date posted:  05 Feb 2008

 Can you tell me if there is a Copenhagen Cemetery in Lewis County ?  I have searched several sites as well as a Google web search and have found references to it, but  no listing.  I am looking for specific members of my family with no luck.  Maybe it is not Lewis County or on the county line with an adjoining county

Any help would be appreciated

Researcher:  Judy Moody
Surnames:  Wright Rhoads
Date posted:  05 Feb 2008

 I am looking for the family of Sarah A Wright, who was born in 1816 in Martinsburg, New York.  She married Peter Rhoads and lived in Waterloo, New York before moving to Columbus, Ohio before 1870. Thank you

Surnames:  Ford Rowell Vincent Stetson Van Court
Date posted:  05 Feb 2008

Gilson Ford settled in Ohio; Guilford Ford remained in Madison county; Marie Rowell, a sister, resided in Wisconsin, and was the mother of thirteen children; Matilda Vincent resides in Wisconsin. Of his wife's relatives, Jesse Stetson left a large number of descendants, prominent among whom were Dr. Ezra Stetson, of Peoria, Illinois, and Mrs. Hannah Van Court, who resides in St. Louis.
                                                                                        TOM AND SARAH (FORD) BARKER

Researcher:  Dianne M Sealey
Surnames:  Kreiner Grann
Date posted:  05 Feb 2008

 I am looking for the burial site of Jean George or George Kreiner in 1853. He lived in Lewis County with his wife and family and three brothers who all moved to Michigan shortly after he died. I am not sure if any of his family stayed in NY so if I can get information on any other Kreiner family members that would be great. In the 1860 Census they were listed with the last name of Grann. Thatnk sof any help.

Researcher:  Fred DeLano
Surnames:  Delano Murphy Caval
Date posted:  05 Feb 2008

 I am researching Charles Henry Delano, married 1. Catharine Murphy, son Francis Henry Delano 25 Feb 1844 Oswego NY,  married 2. Jane Mariah Caval m. 1851.  Charles Henry Delano died 30 Jan 1909 in West Turin NY, buried in High Street Cemetery Constableville NY.  Lived with their daughter Nora Delano ?.
Francis Henry Delano is my G Grandfather.  Any information connecting Francis Henry Delano to Charles Henry Delano would be most helpful.

 Fred DeLano, Retired 

Researcher:  InterestedFriend
Surnames:  Bercier (Variants such as Bershe, Berger, etc).
Date posted:  18 Nov 2007
Looking for the death dates and burial places of VICTORIA BERCIER and PETER BERCIER, her husband. They came from Switzerland and he was naturalized in CROGHAN on 21 Dec 1858.
Their daughters were - JOSEPHINE and NANCY, both born in Switzerland. Josephine married (1) Sabastian Guyon (Guion) who died in the Civil War. The had one daughter Marianna who was later known as Annie. She married (2) Peter Forgeon from France and they had several children.
NANCY'S spouse in not known. She had two children, Louisa, sometimes called ELIZA, born in CROGHAN in 1866, who married Albert Affolter and later lived in Oneida County. Another child, MARY, who was adopted by a SMITH family married a William Beckwith in Camden, NY and was born in CROGHAN about 1869.

Researcher:  Karen A. Gould
Date posted:  18 Nov 2007

   Seeking information regarding William W. BUSHNELL (b. Leyden, Lewis Co., NY, 1825, d. Copenhagen, Lewis Co., NY, 1906).  Who were his parents?  Where is he buried?  He married Araline W. HODGE (b. Denmark, Lewis Co., NY, 1836, d. Copenhagen, Lewis Co., NY, 1918).  Who were her parents?  Where is she buried?
Thanks! 5509 Bewdley Road, Richmond, VA 23226

Researcher:  Bernard A. Brown
Surnames: Brown Thompson Snider Carpenter Graves
Date posted:  15 Oct 2007

 I have identified a Richard "Ellison" Brown b. 1860 possibly in Lewis County. d. 1927 in Oklahoma City. He is a great uncle of mine through marriage of his sister, Ellen L. Brown b. 25 Mar 1853 in NY, to Herbert LaGrand Graves. Ellison appears to have been quite an accomplished builder.

Ellen and Richards parents were Charles E. Brown and Elmina Sheperd Brown. There are four other siblings listed: Erwin G., Effie B. (Snider) Mary A. and Charles C. Brown.

I am attempting to locate living relatives of Richard. He married a Willamina Thompson and had one daughter named Elva M. Brown b.1907. I do not know what became of Willamina or Elva after Ellison's death. I have two undated photos of Ellison and one with his family that I'd be more than happy to share with his descendents.

Researcher:  Jan Biross 
Surnames:  Hoskins Post
Date posted:  12 Oct 2007

Hi, I have been looking for Cyrus Hoskins born 1806 Turin twp., Lewis co., NY. I cannot find his death date or where he is buried ???? I understand he was buried in East Turin cemetery but can't get it on line ??? Also I need Cyrus Hoskins wife Jemima (Post) Hoskins born 1803 death date and where buried ???? If there are any other Hoskins buried with them ,I would like them too!! Thank You so much !!! Looking forward to hearing from you !!!!


Researcher:  Paul E. Root
Surnames:  Peifer Smith Hoffman Croniser
Date posted:  12 Oct 2007

Looking for death and/or burial information for Anna Peifer Smith. She was the wife of Paul Smith who died in 1875 and is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Mohawk Hill. They were the parents of Margaret Smith, Mary Hoffman, and Barbara Croniser. The last mention of Anna is in the 1880 census, living with her daughter Margaret Smith. Anna was 63 years old at the time. I have not been able to find any record of the death of Anna in cemetery or church records.

Thank you!

Paul E. Root
Business Analyst II
National Government Services
Phone: 315-442-4067
Fax: 315-442-4414

Researcher:  Jim Downs
Surname:  Downs
Date posted 20 Sept 2007

Two of my cousins, Their last name was Downs, they lived in Lowville between 1875 and 1895. Their mother was married to a man named Draper. Their father was killed in the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War.

Do you have any record of their marriages?


Researcher:  Holly Massia
Surnames:  McConald Fenton McGlauchlin
Date posted:  20 Sept 2007

I am seeking information on the William C.McDonald family and/or the McGlauchlins of Martinsburg

William is buried along with his wife(maiden name Ainsworth) in the Port Leyden Cemetery, and upon visting there a few times I have noticed fresh flowers on the graves from time to time. This leads me to believe there are living members of the family in the area. My grandfather was his brother Lester who lived in Little Falls NY where both parents( William Edward and Eliza ( Fenton) McGlauchlin) of William and Lester lived until their death he in 1932, she in 1933. I have the death certificates of both of them as well as the location and picture of their burial site.

The parents of William are listed as Edward and Mary McDonald, both being born in NYS, but no particulars as to where????

Any information on the McGlauchlins or the McDonalds would be greatfully appreciated.

Holly Massia
Cape Vincent NY

Researcher:  Holly Massia
Surnames:  McConald Fenton McGlauchlin
Date posted:  20 Sept 2007

My ancestors were the McDonalds who lived in the Pinney Settlement area of Port Leyden. They were in turn related to the Fentons and McGlauchlins. I found a grt.grt uncle buried in the Port Leyden cemetery, William C. McDonald and would like any information available on him and his family also. I assume there area relatives of him in the area as when I stop I find flowers on his and his wife's graves. I live in Cape Vincent at present but lived in Little Falls where William and Eliza McDonald also lived.
Thank you,

Researcher:  John H Northrup
Surname:  Williams
Date posted:  20 Sept 2007

Would like to contact anyone who might have information on a Mariett Williams, born 1859, died 1860, struck by lightning. I found his/her headstone in the Gardners Corners cemetery, Gardner Road, Tug Hill, and would like to know some history.

Visit us at: http://www.winteridgefarm.com
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Researcher:  Andy Dann
Surname:  Johnson
Date posted:  20 Sept 2007

I am seeking information about Julius Johnson who was born in New York between 1795 and 1799. By 1817 he was living in Martin County Indiana. He named his first son Shelden Joseph Johnson or in other listings Joseph Sheldon Johnson. The 1800, 1810, 1820 and 1830 censuses list a Sheldon/Shelden Johnson in Leyden. The 1810, 1820, and 1835 censuses list a Joseph (surname) Sheldon also. are there any probate documents for Sheldon Johnson in Lewis County? Is Julius possibly a son of the Sheldon Johnson in Lewis County? Is Sheldon Johnson related to Joseph Sheldon? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Julius Johnson is my ggg-grandfather. He died in 1831 in Martin County, Indiana. Thank you Andy Dann

Researcher:  Joe Eckhardt
Surnames:  Jaqui Jacky Yokey Eckhard(t) Haas
Date posted:  20 Sept 2007

 I'm looking for any descendants of Christian Jaqui (Jacky/Yokey) and his wife Elizabeth Eckhard(t); and Michael Eckhard(t) and his wife Magdalena Haas, all of whom lived in the Leyden area from the 1830s through the 19th C. I have traced the origins of these families in
Alsace, and am now trying to find all of their descendants.

Researcher:  Frank O'Neil
Surnames:  Maher O'Neil
Date posted:  20 Sept 2007

Hi Sandy, et al;
In the St Peter and Paul cemetery in New Boston is the stone of a
William Maher 1829-1897 Templemore Parish Co Tiperarry Ire
Eliza his wife 1831-1904

Can anyone on the list tell me the maiden name of Elizabeth?

I'm still beating on bricks re Michael O'Neil and Hanora his wife
trying to find their prior home in Ireland. I recall my dad saying he had
Maher's as relatives....and one of Michael and Hanora's daughters was
named Elizabeth...just wonder if the Maher could be her?

Frank O'Neil
Cleveland O

Researcher:  ????
Date posted:  26 April 06
I am trying to locate information on the Shannon family.  1870 census they are in Greig.  James 1819 ireland and Ann 1824 ireland.  Children James, Stephen, Mary Ann, Owen, Martha, John, Edward, Ellen, Patrick and Francis. In 1880 Mother Ann and sons Patrick and Francis are in Lyonsdale.  I would like to find a death record for father James who must have died between 1871 and 1880.  And a birth record for Ellen born in Moose River in about 1959.  Can anyone help???  Thank you

Subject:  Montague Cemetery
Researcher:  Mike
Date posted:   26 April 06
Hi : Could anyone tell me if there is a Cemetary near Montague, I'm looking for my great grandfathers grave we know that he lived in or near Montague in the 1870s  
   Thanks Mike

Subject: death certificate
Researcher: Sandy Petros
Date posted: 17 April 06
Is there any way to get a copy of a death certificate of an ancestor who died in 1895 --short of coming to Lowville?
Lucy Carter died around July 3, 1895 and I want to see if her parents were Albert and Betsey O'Hara.  She was married to J. Madison Carter.

Subject: Cummings/Cummins families
Researcher: David L. Cummings
3502 Crestwood Drive NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
Date posted: 17 April 06
I would like to correspond with researchers of the Cummings/Cummins
families of Lewis Co.  I believe I can connect the families of John &
Clara/Chloe (children Mary, John, Foss, Melissa, William, Jones & Elizabeth) and
James & Olive (children VanRensselaer, Olive, & ?) and can take the line back to
Joseph Comins of Hopkinton, MA, b. ca 1690).  Also interested in the
VanAtter/VanNatter family of Lewis Co., esp. Peter & Catherine (Roseburgh) VanAtter. 
Catherine was b. ca 1779 while her mother was in the captivity of a party of
Tories and Indians.  Their daughter Mary Anne VanAtter mar. John Cummings.

Subject: Sage family
Researcher: Keith
Date posted: 1 April 06
I've been tracing a branch of my Sage family who lived near Copenhagen. Many of the Sages moved from their original homeplace at Middletown Connecticut to Sandisfield Massachusetts and then on to Oneida/Lewis County New York.
My great great great grandfather Solomon Sage was one of those. He died in 1813 during the 1812 War, and I don't know what he died of but I've assumed he was in the New York militia.
What I am trying to determine is if he buried somewhere near Copenhagen and does he have a headstone?
His wife, Amy Sage, who was young and pregnant when Solomon died, raised her four children at Copenhagen, and then several years later (probably the 1850s) she moved to live with her son Horace Sage at Oneida Illinois"

Subject: Cornelius Sullivan
Researcher: Jane McGarvey
Date Posted: 27 March 06
I'm looking for information on my great grandfather, Cornelius Sullivan of Highmarket and his first wife-- a "Catharine" or "Kate", who died about 1862.  Thank you. 

Subject: Sauter family
Email: Beckernbecker@aol.com
Date Posted: 27 March 06

I am looking for any ancestor's/descendants of Adolph Sauter. I don't have a birthdate, but am assuming sometime around 1880-1890. He had at least 2 sons by first wife, Carl and Fred, and a little girl. She died, then he remarried and had more sons. There is some confusion as to his wives, and children. Carl married Mae Henry.

Adolph lived in the Lowville, Martinsburg area. His father was either Adolf, or Gustave who immigrated from Germany.
Thank you.

Subject: Henry family
Email: Beckernbecker@aol.com
Date Posted: 27 March 06

I am looking for any ancestors/descendants of Peter Henry born Nov. 6 1876, Martinsburg, died 13 Mar 1935. He married Alice Hartley, and had 3 known daughter, Mae, Frances, and Ruth. Any information would be appreciated

Subject:  ANDERSON in Riverside, Denmark Cemeteries
Researcher: Kim Weinstein
Date Posted: 27 March 06

Looking for Joseph ANDERSON (II) b. April 12, 1755 d. June 4, 1839. 
He is buried in Riverside Cemetery. Wife Hannah Packard ANDERSON b.  March
30, 1764 d. Jan. 21, 1846 and buried in Denmark Cemetery. Any  info or
cemetery records would be most appreciated. They had 13  children.

Subject: LAMBELL
Researcher: Shirley A. Vanderstow
Date Posted: 10 February 06

Where would I find information on a Peter Lambell who married Christina Wolf around 1853? Peter died in Greig, Lewis County Sept. 1863 and was my great grandfather. Children were John, Frank G, Emily L, Jennie, Isabelle, and William who was born after Peter died and was legally adopted by William Glenn. Peter did have a brother John Lambell.

Thank you,

Subject: KILBORN
Researcher: Sheila M. Prospero
Date Posted: 11 January 06

What can you tell me about the Kilborn family in Copenhagen. I have found them in several websites, but nothing in depth.

The Kilborns were apparently located in Clayton, LaFargeville, and according to one website "several members settled in Copenhagen." They were responsible for the Kilborn family monument in the Copenhagen cemetery.

I have heard that the foundations of the family home are located in that area.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Dennis E. McCoy
Date Posted: 06 January 06

Have you heard of the Sischo (Cisco), Peck, and Plank names? My great grandmother was a Peck. Her grandmother was Rachael Plank (married to Aaron Peck), and her mother was Sarah Sischo, who's father died on a Lake Erie shipwreck in 1850. As follows:

/8/03 Email from Helen Wittenberg: My family tradition was that Levi and a brother were killed when transporting a condemned steamship on Lake Erie, leaving my great-grandfather John Wallace SISCHO, his brother Harrison, and sisters Sarah (Sally) and Emily/Emeline as orphans. [Their mother (Nancy DUNAWAY) had died about 1847] Harrison (8), John (6), and Sally (4) were with the DUNAWAYs in Denmark (Lewis Co.) NY, and Emeline (3) was with the family of Nelson RICHARDS, also in Denmark. Surname was spelled CISCO this time,

I had found a book on history of the Great Lakes which dealt with disasters, and later Sandra Watts sent me info on one of the steamers mentioned, The Anthony Wayne, a condemned steamship, which sank on Lake Erie in April of 1850. Very few of the surviving passengers or the victims were named, but there was a large loss of life. I felt strongly that this was the accident in which my gr-gr-grandfather had died, but strong feelings are not considered proof, are they?

Harry and Mary were married in April, the census was taken in September 1850. Why was she still with her parents? Is it a different Mary? No. Mary died 17 March 1851, is buried near her parents, and her gravestone notes she was widow of Harry. I don't have the dates in front of me, but the marriage occurred earlier in April than the steamboat explosion, so it is possible that brothers Harry and Levi, and Harry's bride Mary were on it, and Mary was one of the unnamed survivors. She could have retuned to Michigan, only to die the following year. THIS IS ONLY THEORY AND HOW IN THE WORLD CAN IT BE PROVED?????

Does anyone have any time to look into some of this? I am new at this, but I am having a great time researching it. Let me know where to start.

I appreciate your time. Let me know if there are any charges for this.

Researcher: Clair Peters
Date Posted: 04 January 06

Looking for information on the parents of Eugene Clarence Patterson Father's name, Lorenzo and mother Elizabeth Patterson Father born 1840 and Mother 1845 Eugene Born 4 oct 1864 Greig, NY Mother died 12 Nov 1911 Thanks for any help

Researcher: Lethalu Kiehn
Date Posted: 02 January 06

I'm interested in finding an online listing for Riverside Cemetery in Copenhagen, Lewis, NY. The person/persons I'm looking for lived in Denmark, Lewis, NY but I found a reference for a Riverside Cemetery. Is there such a listing online and if not, would you know where I could write as I don't seem to find any references except for Political persons and my individual was not political.

Thanks for your time!

Subject: BASSETT
Researcher: Don Bassett
Date Posted: 19 December 05

I would appreciate any information on the Surname Bassett, and in particular Freeman C. Bassett who was married to Catherome Effe in Denmark, Lewis County, NY Feb. 14th 1860.

My Thanks

Subject: BOOTH
Researcher: Ida Stache
Date Posted: 19 December 05

Back in 1907 my grandmother Emma Myra Irene clark Bodenner Booth passed away and he was to say he would take her home to Diana Lewis Ny. for burying her at the Natural bridge. can you confim that there is/or was, a cemetary here. George H. Booth had been married earlier to Martha--- and had 4 sons. GEORGE H. BOOTH son of Charles & Hanna Prame Married Oct. 30, 1905 in Elwood Nebraska.


Subject: WHEELER
Researcher: Gary Wheeler
Date Posted: 19 December 05

I am searching for information about my paternal gggrand-father. Name Orrin (or Orin, or Oren) Wheeler. He was born about 1823, and according to his Civil War pension file, in Lewis County, NY, possibly Grieg, NY. He died in PA in 1907. His civil war service was with Co. A, 51st PA Volunteers.

Subject: CHAUFTY
Researcher: LaRea Rose
Date Posted: 14 December 05

I would appreciate any information of the JOHN CHAUFTY family who lived in Lewis County. He died May 20, 1903 but was born in France and immigrated with his siblings in 1832.

Subject: ALVUT
Researcher: Penny Kavanagh
Date Posted: 27 November 05

I am trying to trace my family tree. My grandfather was born in High Market, NY. and his Father was John Alvut and mother Anna. My grandfather was born Dec. 30th 1909. Can you please help. I have tried every access with no luck.

Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 30 October 05

I am writing in hopes of identifying anyone who attended the Gomer Hill Rural School in the Town of Turin, Lewis County, New York. The school was located at or near the highest point in elevation in Lewis County. Would anyone have a photo of the Gomer Hill School or know how to obtain of the Gomer Hill School.

Subject: Lost Beller fam. photos belonged to Chas. & Viola Wilcox, Croghan
Researcher: Diane Beller
Date Posted: 27 October 05

Would like to purchase copies of Beller family photos. Up until the 1960's they belonged to Charles & Viola (Beller) Wilcox. At their death it is believed the photo collection was left in the attic of their home on William St. in Croghan, Lewis County, NY. I once heard that some children of the family who purchased the house took the pictures to show-and-tell at school. Have found no one who knows what became of them. It would mean the world to have either originals or copies.

Researcher: Andy
Date Posted: 23 September 05

I am searching for information regarding my ancestors from Lewis County. The family names are Brown and Buckley, both Irish Catholics, who I assume are all buried in Catholic Cemeteries. Does anyone know of such cemeteries?

The Browns lived in Harrisburgh and the Buckleys lived in High Market duing the 19th century. I have a ton of first names (both very large families) and some more data, so if anyone can get back to me with an idea on where to start digging, I will be very grateful!


Researcher: Cate
Date Posted: 22 September 05

Looking for desendents of William Clary or Cleary ( 1832 1901) married Almyra Waite of Rodman and had two brothers that I know of Peter and chirs came from Ireland

Surnames: HUTCHINS
Researcher: June
Date Posted: 30 August 05



Surnames: SMALL
Researcher: Dennis Rickard
Date Posted: 24 August 05

I am researching the family of my Grand mother, Martha Small. She married Elmer Lee on 26 March 1887 in Belfort, Lewis county. The only thing I have found on her parrents, Joseph & Hester Small is the 1880 census of Croghan, Lewis county. Any help would be appreciated.

Researcher: Charles Baker
Date Posted: 24 August 05

Looking for info on Nathan Rowley whose wife was appointed to administer his estate in April 1810

Also would like info on wife's true given name.

Have not been able to locate grave for Nathan Son, William P. Rowley married Marilla Thrall of Lewis County

Researcher: Letha Chunn-Mendivil
Date Posted: 23 July 05

  My brick wall is the family of John Hart of Jefferson County, NY. His brother, Daniel Hart, and wife Mary (b. in Ireland) and their children Abby (17), twins Mary and Martha (11), and Grace (1) were living in Denmark, Lewis County, NY, at the time of the 1880 census. Daniel?s nephew, George E. Hart (22), the son of my John Hart, was living with them. I am looking for any and all information on this family, including nephew George. Does anyone know this family? Thanks.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 18 July 05

  I'm looking for any information on Stephen Sylvester and his wife Hulda (or Huldah) Stiles. They had the following children: Polly 1801, Seth 1804, Sally 1806 and John 1808. The information I have says they lived in Denmark, Lewis, NY in the early 1800's. Can anyone help me?

Surnames: ALLEN
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 15 July 05

  I am looking for any information on Olney Allen and Libanus Allen (brothers). They were born around 1800 and 1810 in Constableville, Lewis Co., NY. In about 1834 they moved to Medina Co., Ohio. I believe their parents were Willard and Polly (Wadsworth) Allen.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 21 June 05

I am looking for information regarding the Schriminger/Scriminger line. It has come to our attention that Mathew Schriminger died in 1905, was married to a Matlida Canning. As far as we can tell their children were born in Antrium County Ireland. They may have been or Mathew may have been German, and moved to Ireland. They had two children: Matthew Scriminger who married Nelly Kelly (widowed) and then he married Lillian MacKensie ?they may have been from the Rodman Area, in Lewis County. The other son was Thomas Scriminger who married Catherine Yancy.

Mathew Schriminger (died in 1905) had a sister Elizabeth Scriminger who married Bartholomew Burton in Kentucky ? that ?s where the trail ends.

We have found all we can find in Jefferson County but there is a strong possibility that some family lived or was buried in Lewis County ? But we don?t know were to start or if that information is correct. If anyone has any information from marriages, to cemeteries I would appreciate it!


Surnames: KENNEDY
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 18 June 05

I am looking for John Kennedy. He came to Lewis county from Washington county about 1825. In Feb. 1825 he sold his land in Argyle Washington county. On the land record he is John Kennedy of Denmark Lewis Co. I cannot find any record of him being in Lewis county. His niece, in a letter written 1895, says he married a women named Alzina Govey or Covey, and they have a big family. His Brother James, Sister Margaret, Sister Elizabeth and Mother Syble came to Lewis county at the same time. In the 1840 Census there is a James Kennedy In Turin age 50 -60. There is a female age 70 -80. I believe this to be brother James and mother. James never married.


Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 11 June 05

  Searching for any information on Philip and Catherine (SHAVER) RIVET, (RIVETT or RIVETTE), born 1859 and 1861.They both immigrated from Canada about 1886-1890. They had several children, some of whom were James, John, Maurice, Katryne, Francis, and Edward. Would like to find death dates for all.

Also looking for information on their daughter, Kathryne, who married a Hubert SCANLON. They are believed to be buried at St Francis Cemetery, Harrisville, N.Y. Would like to find obituary for Hubert as well as birth and death dates. Any help at all appreciated.

Many thanks!

Surnames: LASHER
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 07 May 2005

  Harold Ellsworth (or Everitt) Lasher. Born in 1914 in Grant, NY. Lived in Glenfield, NY and Croghan, NY

Surnames: LOFTUS
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 05 May 2005

  I am looking for information on Patrick Loftus b. Dec. 1798 in Ireland. He married Mary Ann Duane and then Mary E. Neary. He immigrated from Ireland to Canada and then to Highmarket, NY. He had the following children: Thomas R. b. abt. 1825, Bridget b. abt. 1827 married Bernard Goodman, Peter b. May 30, 1838 married Bridget Ellen Cavanaugh, Patrick N. b. abt. 1842 married Anna Murray, Mary Ann b. abt. 1843, Margaret Ann b. Feb. 21, 1848 married Thomas McGoldrich, Augustus b. abt. 1851, Catherine b. March 23, 1851 married John Murray, Anthony b. abt. 1853, Attilia b. abt. 1854 married Michael Cavanaugh, Bernard b. abt. 1856. This family lived in Highmarket, NY, Port Leyden, NY and some moved to Utica, NY. Peter went to Colorado. Any information would be welcomed.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 05 May 2005

  I am looking for information on Cornelia Schmidt Shoemaker (Schuhmacher). Cornelia was the daughter of John P. Schmidt and Mary Walburga Schmidt and a sister to John J., Christina and Joseph Schmidt. She was born in 1854 in Oneida County. Her parents came from Germany with the other children. She was the last child born and the only one born in the U.S. She married John Shoemaker and had the following children. George, Anna, Emma and Elizabeth, Susanna and Joseph. Is there anyone that can tell me more about these people. They lived in the West Leyden area in 1880 and then moved to Utica, NY.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 05 May 2005

  I am looking for information on the descendents of Luke Murray b. 1827 in Ireland. He married Bridget Walsh and later Mary Hanley. He went from Ireland to Canada and then to the Highmarket, NY area and finally to Port Leyden. He had the following children: Catherine b. abt. 1843, Owen b. abt. 1846, Anthony B. b. abt. 184! 6, Anna b. abt. 1847 married Patrick Loftus, John b. Feb. 15, 1851 married Catherine Loftus, Luke Jr. b. July 1857 married Johanna Collins, James b. October 10, 1857

Researcher: Mike Gavin
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2005

  I've been looking "forever" for the marriage of my gr gr gp's Austin Gavin and Bridget Moore. She arrived in New York June 19, 1846 and delivered my gr gf Joseph in April, 1847. Austin was here from at least 1844. I know they knew each other in Ireland because she transited with a Michael Gavin.

Pretty narrow window for a wedding.

I recently saw a posting on the Mayo list that said there was a clutch of Mayo folks who grouped up in Lewis county in the 1840's.

Any chance you can point me in any significant direction?

Thanks for any help!

Surnames: DONOVAN
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2005

  I am looking for information on descendents of Jeremiah Donovan b. abt. 1800 in Ireland. He married Catherine Coughlin b. abt. 1811. They had the following children: Mary Ann b. October 1836 married John H. Clancy, Daniel b. abt. 1840, John b. abt. 1842, Catherine b. March 15, 1846, Dennis b. abt. 1849, Jeremiah Jr. b. April 7, 1850, Michael b. abt. 1853, Margaret b. abt. 1856 married George McEvoy and later William Hill. This family settled in Osceola and Florence, NY area. They later migrated to Utica, NY.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2005

  I am looking for information on August Seifert b. 1817 in Germany. He came to America in 1854 with his son Charles (Carl). August married Catherine Price, I believe after he arrived in America and they had the following children: Maria b. Jan. 11, 1856, Susanna b. Jan. 4, 1858, George b. April 11, 1861 married Mary Schmidt, John b. Dec. 1863, and Margaret b. April 16, 1865 married Isaac Rivers. Catherine Price had two children by a previous marriage, Elizabeth b. Dec. 1848 and Edward b. May 1852 both in Germany. Elizabeth moved to Brooklyn. She married someone by the name of Thoman and then John Schwenck. Edward married Veronica Hauck. They moved to Utica, NY. George and Mary eventually moved to Utica, NY and Margaret and Isaac moved to Rome, NY. Charles married Emma Rivers and moved to Rome, NY. I believe that Maria, Susanna and John did not live long as they did not show up on census with the rest of the family. Any information would be welcomed.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2005

 I am looking for information on Cornelia Schmidt Shoemaker (Schuhmacher). Cornelia was a sister to John J. and Joseph Schmidt. She was born in 1854 in Oneida County. Her parents came from Germany with the other children. She was the last child born and th! e only one born in the U.S. She married John Shoemaker and had the following children. George, Anna, Emma and Elizabeth, Susanna and Joseph. Is there anyone that can tell me more about these people. They lived in the West Leyden area in 1880 and then moved to Utica, NY

Surnames: ROSER
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2005

  I am looking for descendents of Jacob and Christine Roser. They had a son Jacob, b. 1867 and a daughter, Carline b. 1869. They lived in Lewis County, Town of Lewis in 1880. Christine's maiden name was Schmidt and she was born in Germany. Any information would be appreciated.

Surnames: SCHMIDT
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2005

  I am looking for descendents of John Phillip Schmidt and Mary Walburga Schmidt. John was born in Germany abt. 1815 and Mary was born there also about 1810. I believe the came to America about 1852. They had the following children: John J. b. September 18, 1841 married Catherine Schroeder, Christina b. abt. 1847 married Jacob Roser, Joseph b. ! Feb. 11, 1851 married Louisa Yope, and Cornelia b. July 1854 married John Schumacher. This family settled in the Ava ? West Leyden, NY area and eventually moved to Utica, NY. Any information would be appreciated.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2005

  I am looking for the descendents of Matthew and Marie Sassias Schroeder who came from Germany to America August 3, 1842. Matthew was born May 1, 1814 in Prussia, Germany and Marie was born in Spain abt. 1823. They settled in Ava, NY and had 12 children: Anna b. January 13, 1841 married Simon Urtz, Nicholas b. abt. 1843 , Margaretha b. abt. 1844 , Barbara b. October 24, 1845 married George Thomann, Catherine b. August 30, 1847 married John Schmidt, Huebert b. June 30, 1849, Peter b. Dec. 17, 1850, Francis b. April 22, 1852 , Anna Marie (Mary) b. June 14, 1853 married Michael Colwell, Elizabeth b. April 11, 1855, Joetta (Gertrude) b. May 21, 1856, and Richard b. July 25, 1858. They migrated to Utica by 1880. Most of the children changed their names to SCHRADER. Any information would be appreciated.

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Researcher:  l godde
Surnames:  Bowen Peebles
Date posted:  09 Sept 2007

 Looking for the date Sally (or Sarah) Bowen Peebles died and what cemetery she is buried.   Need to check on date her husband Sanford Peebles died, (04/05/1865).  I believe they are buried in a cemetery in or near Martinsburg.  I believe Sally died some time between 1880 and 1890.

Researcher:  Ginny Alfano
Subject:  Old Oscela Road & Kotary Road
Date posted:  09 Sept 2007

I am looking for a copy of an old map from the 1800's or any information that might show the Old Osceola Road near Kotary Rd in Constableville.  Mention is made in my deed of this road going through my property on Kotary Rd. back in that time period and I was just curious as to where it started and how it took it's course to Osceola.  Thank you.

Researcher:  Elaine M Universal
Surnames:  Clap Rogers Gillett Harlow Wheller
Date posted 27 July 2007

Clapp, Wheeler & Rogers Family:  I am looking for info on Abner & Mercy
Clapp, Jr. family who lived in Martinsburgh from app. 1801 - 1835.  Sons Ela Harlow, Martin Gillett and Ralph plus daughter Emily were born here.  Also any infor on James & Charity Wheeler & daughter Evoline, who lived there from ~1830 - 35.  Evoline Wheeler married Ela Harlow Clapp here 3 Mar 1835.  Also Marcellus Rogers, born here 30 Jul 1827 and Asa Moor Rogers who married Emily Clapp 12 Oct 1823.

Researcher:  Jane McGarvey
Surname:  Sullivan
Date posted:  04 June 2007

 Does anyone know of any information regarding a woman named "Kate" who was the first wife of Cornelius Sullivan?  I have a copy of her will in which she leaves everything to Cornelius, including the farm in Highmarket.  There are some indications that this woman "Kate" was married to Cornelius in Ireland, but nothing concrete.  Any information no her would be appreciated.

(Cornelius Sullivan married my great grandmother,  Mary Margaret Buckley around 1862. They had a large family. Any Sullivan or Buckley family history information would also be much appreciated.) Thank you. Jane

Surnames:  PARK, PARKS
Researcher:  LaRene Kauffman
Date posted:  27 May 2007
   We're looking for any information about our ancestor, Newton Park, and his family.   He was born in 1794 in New York State and he first appears in the NY 1820 census in Martinsburg, Lewis County.   The 1825 and 1830 census lists have him in the town of Watson.
    While he was living in the county, he lost three male children and one wife.   The children who survived were Lydia Marie, Velona Arlita, Fannie, Ordelia, and Jane.   There was an older female living with them and another man, Newton's age.
    He lived in Lewis County 20 years.
    By 1840 he and the rest of his family had moved to Ashtabula, Ohio.   He remarried there, lost another wife and a few children., married again and had two more children.
       The children born in Ohio (and lived) were Jane, Byington, Charles, Choletta., Joel and Esther Ann.
Thank you for your help.
LaRene Kauffman

Surnames:  Hutchins, Johnson
Researcher:  Kathy Menke
Date posted:  26 May 2007
 Looking for information on my greatgrandmother Mary May Hutchins Johnson. She was born in 1876 around or in Lowville. Father was John C. Hutchins born 1836 in Canada,mother was Elizabeth born 1838 in Canada. She had two brothers Charley S. and George M., I think they were artists, and one sister Edeth E.. Mary married Clifford L. Johnson in 1895 in Martinsburg. My grandfather Harold C. (johnson) Gates was born 1895 Tug Hill, although he was born Johnson he went to live with Henry and Vine Gates ( I think they were cousins) and upon entering WWI took the last name Gates. My father Gerald F. Gates died on Jan. 23, 2006, he left very few family facts. Any information on Hutchins, Johnson and Gates would really help.

Surname:  KORNILUK
Researcher:  Leon Arcuri
Date posted:  26 May 2007
 Looking for information on my grandparents, Leon and Elizabeth Korniluk.  Their address was listed as RFD #1, Lowville, NY.  I understand the land now belongs to the state and has been reverted back to its natural state.  They had a farm on Tug Hill.  He died in 1939 and she in 1971 in Utica.  The Lewis County Clerk's office has a Register of Deaths that lists him being buried in Lowville Rural Cemetery but the cemetery association's list of people buried there does not contain his name.  It was misspelled on the death register as Korncluk.  Thanks for any help offered.

Surnames:  Simmons, Bush
Date posted:  19 May 2007

 Looking for relatives to Alma Simmons (1885-1910) - married to Ervin George Bush
Married 12/18/1903
Lived in
Belfort, NY (Lewis County)

Had four children
1.  William John Bush (1905-1978)
2.  Druscilla Mary Bush (1907-1973)
3.  Clarence timothy Bush (1909-abt 1931)
4.  Ervin John Bush (1910-1910)

Alma was my mother-n-law's grandmother for which she was named after.


Researcher:  Robert E. Clark
Surnames:  Clark, Pratt, Kent
Date posted:  19 May 2007

My 4th Great Grandparents Rev. John Clark and his wife Chloe (Pratt) Clark moved to Leyden (Lewis), New York, about 1800 from Saybrook, (Middlesex),Connecticut. I have been told he was the 1st Baptist Minister in Leyden but haven't been able to prove this. John's wife Chloe died in 1813 in Leyden and John remarried in 1818 to Isabella Delia Kent. They had 3 more children. I found this out on a copy of Johns will. The only thing I have on the 3 children are their names. They are Adalin B. Clark, Harriet S. Clark and Berinthia Clark all born in Leyden. I would appreciate any information on the 3 children. I also need information on 5 of John and Chloes children they are Ruth Clark b:16 March 1801, John Anson Clark b: 4 February1805, Reuben Pratt Clark b: 6 August 1807, Allen Clark b:December 1810 (died young) and Cynthia Sophronia Clark b: 11 November 1811, all these children were also born in Leyden, (Lewis), New York. I believe they did live in Lowville too. John, Chloe and Delia Clark,are all buried in Leyden Hill (Lord) Cemetery. Also their daughter in law Elizabth Clark married to Reuben Pratt Clark is buried there too. Thank You for any information someone might be able to help with.  Robert E. Clark , Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Researcher:  Linda Nord
Surnames:  Shaver, Vrooman
Date posted:  19 May 2007
I am trying to locate information on Diana Harris Shaver, my great great grandmother.  She married John Shaver, mother of Deliah Shaver Vrooman.
Linda Vrooman Nord

Researcher:  Rebecca Murphy
Surnames: Dickenson, Wadsworth
Date posted:  19 May 2007

My search is for Rebecca Cordelia Dickenson, born 7 Nov 1805 in New York.  When she married Nathan Wheeler Clarke from Litchfield Co., CT (where he has a LONG family history), she requested a transfer of her church membership (in March of 1831) from Turin to the First Congregational Church in Winsted, CT.  The information in the CT Church record was hand written, but looks like conjoined initials ME (to me indicating Methodist-Episcopal as the denomination of the Turin church).
Rebecca gave her first born the middle name Wadsworth, and a younger daughter married a Wadsworth from New York, so that family name may connect to hers in Turin as well.
Please help me with my "brick wall" ancestor.  I am her great-great grand daughter  and namesake, Rebecca Murphy.

Researcher:  No Name just click to reply
Surnames:  Strife/Streiff, Roundy, Sharp/Sharpe, Flick, Wheeler
Date posted: 19 May 2007

My grandmother was Grace Strife/Streiff, born in Lowville July 4, 1877/78.  Someone sent me a census stating the Grace was 2 yrs. old in 1880, living with Michael Strife.  When I checked census in Lowvile, there is a 2 year old, Ann, listed.  Grace had a female child, born app. 1904.  Grace married (?) a Frank Roundy.

Grace's mother was Carrie Wheeler Sharp(e) Flick from Croghan.  Cannot find any info on any of this. 
Also looking for info on Carrie Sharp (e), daughter of Albert and Rhoda (Rhonda) Wheeler Sharp (e).
Please help!

Charles Herr
Surname:  Miller
Date posted:  18 May 2007

 Supposedly there is a Miller family cemetery lot in a cemetery known as Union cemetery in Constableville around the first quarter of the 20th century.  A founder, Col. Seth Miller and son Stephen T. Miller had an area. But I cant locate that cemetery name.  Does it still exist and does it have a different name?

Baltimore, MD

Researcher:  Pat Burns
Surnames:  Kelleson/Kellison
Date posted:  18 May 2007
 My great-grandfather , James Franklin Kelleson or Kellison, was born 1856, Town of Wilna.  I was told he had two sister, minnie and mary jane.  one sister was a half-sister, one sister got married and had a son.  his sister Mary Jane lived to be a hundred and four years old.  she died in the late 1930 or late 1940's.  she smoked a corn cob pipe.  i would appreciate any information.  thank you.

Researcher:  Kelly
Surnames:  Hyde, Olney, Hooper, Dixon
Date posted:  18 May 2007
In the 1810 census for Lewis County of which no town is given, we have a group of ancestors who originally were in Windham County , CT.   They moved from there to Herkimer County for a short time, then on to Lewis.  On page 9 of 21 in the 1810 census, line #21 is Elihu Hyde, line #23 is Joseph Olney, line #31 is David Hooper, line #33 is Robert B. Dixon, line #34 is Curtis Dixon.  All of these people are our ancestors.  Id love to know what town this is and anything that anyone knows about these people.  Thanks.

Researcher:  Barbara Leachman
Surnames:  Hamlin, Carter
Date posted:  18 May 2007
I am looking for any information on a Sarah Jane Hamlin b. ca. 1820, she was suppose to have been from a prominent family in Lewis county.  She married William Carter.  Carters were from Greig, maybe Hamlins from that area also.

They had 8 children:
Noble  served in civil war, died 1864
Jeboam, served in civil war
William Milford
the family  moved to Michigan.  sarah died in Michigan in 1872.
Any information on Sarah and or the family would be appreciate.
Thank You

Researcher:  Linda Glover
Surnames:  Weiss, Wise, Seymour
Date posted:  18 May 2007

 I am researching my great grandmother's family. Her name was Louise Weiss (Wise). She was married to Horace Seymour. I think I found her brother, John, in one of the cemeteries on Patty St in New Bremen (maybe there is only one cemetery, but it's divided by a ditch).  I would really appreciate any information anyone could share with me on her family. I believe I was told that she came here with an aunt by the last name of Feisthamel? I would also love any information on this family. I think I was told that there were several buried in a cemetery in or around New Bremen, or Watson, and that there was a fire which took some of their lives? I know, I should have written this all down, but I didn't. Any help you could be to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....Linda
Researcher:  Linda Glover
Subject:  Moore's Falls
Date posted:  18 May 2007
I would like to know if anyone knows where Moore's Falls is in or around Lowville NY? I have never heard of it, but looks lovely in an old postcard I came across. Thanks..........Linda

Researcher:  Ted Metcalfe
Subject:  Early Lowville Resident 1860 1870s ~
Benjamin Howard NICHOLS
Date posted:  18 May 2007

I am looking for information on my GG Grandfather Benjamin Howard Nichols and his wife Harriet Freeman (Scott) Nichols
They migrated from Sawston, Cambridge, England, to Lowville, Lewis County around the 1860s
They had five children born there; Benjamin was a merchant living in Lowville for ten years before returning to England
On returning to England they then migrated to Australia then on to New Zealand.

Thank you for anything you may be able to add
Ted Metcalfe
New Plymouth
New Zealand

Researcher:  Beca Lehr
Surname:  COVEY
Date posted:  8 March 2007


I am trying to find a cemetery called the Jacox Cemetery in Croghan, Lewis County, New York. It appears the cemetery is on Long Pond Road, but darn if I can find it. Any help you be ever so king of you. I think my 4th Great Grand Uncle, George Covey & his wife, Nancy are buried there. Thanks much!

Beca Lehr
Sutter Co. CA

Researcher: Patty Burnett
Date posted:  8 March 2007

I am looking for information regarding Lewis County Catholic Churches and cemeteries in general and particularly near West Leyden and Lewis (the town) around 1855-1870.  I have been looking for my GGGgrandparents Thomas and Bridget Mahar/Maher/Meagher (endless spelling variations) who I suspect died in Lewis/West Leyden during those years.  Any info on the churches around the era and the locality would be much appreciated!

Researcher:  John Hoffman
Date posted:  8 March 2007

I am trying to locate information about Lyle Calver (1899 - 1977). He
married Elsie Debyah. Lyle work in Lowville as a printer.

Thanks for anything you can add.

Researcher:  Robert E Clark
Surnames:  CLARK, KENT
Date posted:  8 March 2007

My 4th Great Grandparents Rev. John Clark and his wife Chloe (Pratt) Clark moved to Leyden (Lewis), New York, about 1800 from Saybrook, (Middlesex),Connecticut. I have been told he was the 1st Baptist Minister in Leyden but haven't been able to prove this. John's wife Chloe died in 1813 in Leyden and John remarried in 1818 to Isabella Delia Kent. They had 3 more children. I found this out on a copy of Johns will. The only thing I have on the 3 children are their names. They are Adalin B. Clark, Harriet S. Clark and Berinthia Clark all born in Leyden. I would appreciate any information on the 3 children. I also need information on 5 of John and Chloes children they are Ruth Clark b:16 March 1801, John Anson Clark b: 4 February1805, Reuben Pratt Clark b: 6 August 1807, Allen Clark b:December 1810 (died young) and Cynthia Sophronia Clark b: 11 November 1811, all these children were also born in Leyden, (Lewis), New York. I believe they did live in Lowville too. John, Chloe and Delia Clark,are all buried in Leyden Hill (Lord) Cemetery. Also their daughter in law Elizabth Clark married to Reuben Pratt Clark is buried there too. Thank You for any information someone might be able to help with.  Robert E. Clark , Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Researcher:  Art Rockwell
Date posted: 27 February 2007

ROCKWELL. I am researching Joshua Rockwell m. Rhoda Dowd.  Had 10 children 5 boys 5 girls Joshua is included in the 1810 Lewis County NY Census. Rhoda died in Lewis Oct 9 1825. Son Elisha is believed to be my line. Any information on Joshua , Rhoda or the 10 children would be appreciated  

Carolyn Hill
Surnames:  HILL, RYAN
Date posted 27 February 2007

I am looking for anyone who could look in old newspaper records for Francis Hill.  He disapperaed between 1900 (census location) and 1905. He had a son Eugene F and may have been married to Lillian Ryan. Francis disappered from his Harrisburg home when going to the local store. His wife is not in local census in 1905 and son is with grandparents, father and mother of Francis at that time. I can't find him anyplace. Perhaps he died???? Thank you

Frank O'Neil
Surnames:  O'NEIL, MOY, McDONALD
Date posted:  26 February 2007

I'm Frank (Francis) O'Neil and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a great great grandson of Michael and Hanora O'Neil. They are buried in the Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic cemetery near New Boston. They farmed that part of the country from the 1850's..I think they arrived in Montague in 1853. They were both born in Ireland. They had a son there, Arthur who maried a Katherine Moy and they are the parents of my grandfather Hugh Patrick O'Neil. Hugh P. married Loretta McDonald, also of Montague, farmed there and begat my father Francis O'Neil.
I cannot find where in Ireland the Immigrant Michael O'Neil was born. I would appreciate hearing any information relating to these immigrants. They had many other children, some of whom were Irish born and 2 Canadian born (Anna and Bridget), and others born there in Montague at home on the farm. I'm hoping someone in the line has this information.
The site is a wonderful undertaking!!! my congratulations and thanks to all who have laboured to make it reality.

Date posted:  26 February 2007

I am researching the Mullin family of Lewis County.  The 1850 & 1860 census show them in Wilna, Jefferson County.  They appear on the map of 1855, Town of Wilna Jefferson County.  The 1870 & 1880 census they appear in Croghan, Lewis County.  They also appear on the 1875 map Town of Croghan, Lewis County.  They lived in a settlement known as the Mullin or Irish Settlement.  In 1881 this settlement was destroyed by fire displacing 25 families.  Other families who lived in the area besides the Mullins were Malady, Cotton and Perrigo.  The area where the fire destroyed the settlement may now be a part of Beartown State Forest.  The Mullin line was from Ireland and my goal is to find out where or when they came from Ireland.
Patrick Mullin b. Abt. 1803 in Ireland died before 1880.  Believed to have had a son by a first marriage named Henry P. Mullin who was born Abt. 1830 in Ireland and died in 1912, Lewis County.  Buried Harrisville Cemetery, Town of Diana but I have not been able to verify this yet.
Patrick Mullin did marry a Eliza A. ?.  She was born in Jefferson County Abt. 1828.  Date of death unknown.
Their children were:
John Mullin b. Abt. 1846
George B. Mullin b. Jan 3, 1849
Christiann Mullin b. Feb. 2, 1850 Wilna, Jefferson Co., d. Jun 30, 1936, Carthage.  Married David L. Perrigo July 9, 1868, Felts Mills, Jefferson Co. (my gg-grandparents)
Hattie Mullin b. Aug. 4, 1854.  d. bef. 1940.  Married William Timothy Dunn.
Bridget Mullin b. Abt. 1858
Rosa Mullin b. Abt. 1860.  She married Alfred Cotton
Thomas Mullin b. Abt. 1862 He moved to Montana.
The 1855 NY state census shows Patricks' father living with them.  His name was Henry Mullin and he was 82 years old at the time of the census.  The census of 1850, 1855 and 1860 also shows another Henry Mullin that may have been the brother of Patrick Mullin.  If this family line looks familiar please email me at
sam2813@aol.com.  I would be happy to share what information I have and I also have ancestry information on the Perrigo line.
There is a picture of Christiann & Hattie Mullin (click on M in the index for Mullin) posted on Mark Wentling's  Pioneer Portrait page at:

Researcher:  Liz Wemott
Surnames:  WEMOT, WEMOTT
Date posted:  26 February 2007

My gr. gr. grandfather Mitchell or Michel Wemot died by accident 1
August 1847 in Martinsburg, Lewis County, NY.  He had formerly been a
resident of Denmark, Lewis County, and still owned land there when he
died..  I would like to know where his burial is.  Hopefully, someone
will know.

Date posted:  25 February 2007  

I am wondering if any of the Hamlins in and around Port Leyden NY today are related to my great great grandmother, Marion. She was born 11/07/1846 at Talcottville NY., daughter of John and Mary Wright Hamlin. She had siblings Jerome, George, Annette, William, Elmer, Jane, Ellen and Harriett. John and Jerome are buried in Talcottville cemetery. She married several time, once to Timothy Edward Quackenbush, once to Alfred Fuller and once to William Pardy that I am sure of. She had a daughters Cora, Elizabeth and Mary Ellen  by Quackenbush and a daughter Ruth by Fuller. If there are any relatives to these people out there I would love to hear from them. Any more info than what I have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Researcher:  Jared Myers
Surname:  Myers
Date posted:  25 February 2007

I am trying to find my paternal grandfather who died between 1910 and 1914 in the town of Lewis, NY,  His name is Gustave Myers. Can you help me?

Researcher:  Benjamin Hughes
Subject:  Book inquiry
Date posted:  25 February 2007

I am trying to locate a copy of the following book:  James S. Pitcher; From the Files of the Town Historian 1995.
If you know of how I can obtain a copy please let me know.

Thank You,
Benjamin Hughes

Date posted:  25 February 2007

I am looking for information on  Mary linstruth,  born about  1812. possibly is related to Freeman Illingworth. born about 1884

Karen Freeman
Date Posted:  25 February 2007  

I am looking to purchase a copy of
The Other Side of the Hill,  by Harold E. Samson (1974).

Jim Sanders
Date Posted: 13 February 2003
Email address updated:  24 February 2007

I've traced Silas Sanders/Saunders to Lewis county in the 1800 census. Do any of you have any other info on him?

Subject:  George Willoughby
Michael Hinckley
Date posted:  04 Feb 2007

I'm looking for any thing on George Willoughby G.Co. 87 Regiment   B. D. 10/29/1827  Would like to know where is his grave. I"m his great grandson. Mike Hinckley  
Hinkster@twcny.rr.com    Thanks Mike    315-773-2000

Subject:  Spring-fed wells
  Sue Harville
Date posted:  04 Feb 2007

While walking our property line in Denmark we came upon a 12 foot diameter stone-lined, spring-fed well.  I was wondering if there are others like that in the area.

Researcher:  Sharon
Date posted:  18 Dec 2006

I would like to trade information on the ROCKWELL family that lived in Lewis and Oneida counties early 1800's

Subject:  BARROW
J.J. Mercier
Date posted:  18 Dec 2006

Searching BARROW  born in France 1850  Croghan, works in tannery 1880 us census
Wife LAFAVE born 1856 in Canada
Dau magdalen 1875
Dau emma  1877
Son Charles 1879 or 1880
Many thanks for your help.

Subject:  Watson
Date posted:  16 Dec 2006

I am related to the Revolutionary War Veteran Major Watson.  (Major being his first name).  He was the son of an Irish/Scot Immigrant named John Watson.  Does the founder of the Town of Watson--in Lewis County---have any relation to my Major Watson.  Major had at least 7 children...John, James, Major Jr., Joseph, Elizabeth...2 other daughters.  I am not sure (probably not) if James, the son of Major, is the founder of the town.  Any help's appreciated.  Leah

 Subject:  Wallis - Whitney 1810
Malcolm Wallace
Date posted:  09 Dec 06

I am looking for any information regarding John
Whitney and Abner Wallis. They are listed next to each
other in the 1810 NY census for Lewis County. My
gggrandfather Abner Wallace(Wallis) was married to
Emeline Whitney about 1808 +/-. Their children were
Walter, b 3 Feb 1809; Nathaniel b 23 May 1811; and
Emeline b 13 Jan 1817. This is a long shot, but its'
all I have in trying to identify Emeline(Emmaline?)

Subject:  Prudence Wilson Scott
Alice Josey
Date posted:  09 Dec 06

I am in possession of a letter written to my grandfather (to put this in perspective I am now 77 myself) by Prudence Wilson Scott in 1951. She was a relative to the Nelson's through the Wilson line. I was trying to see where the two come together.
Can You Assist with this?

Alice Josey

Subject:  Sally Perkins/Riverside Cemetery
Researcher:  Jim Perkins
Date posted 09 Dec 06
I am interested in Riverside Cemetery, Copenhagen, Lewis, NY.  I understand a Sally Perkins is buried there.  Are there any other Perkins buried there?  Are there any old burial records still available that might identify the Sally Perkins family?
Jim Perkins

Researcher:  Diane Marshall
Date posted:  08 June 06

Subject:  JEFFERS Family
Researcher:  Nancy Schleich
Date posted:  08 June 06

 JEFFERS, Joseph:  His obit on rootsweb Jeffers Forum says he died at Pinkney, Lewis County, New York in 1945 perhaps on the 28 June, and that he was a Rev War Vet.  I could not find him in the Lewis County Military pension census of 1841 .  Can anyone tell me if he was actually living in Pinkney or just died there?  And what cemetery he is buried in? Thanks Nancy sChleich.

*(p.s. the webmaster of this site is also a decendant of Joseph JEFFERS)

Subject:  Bowen Family
Researcher:  Linda Godde
Date posted:  08 June 06

Looking for information on my great grandparents, back 5 generations,
Asa and Rebecca (Elithorpe) Bowen.  They were born in Windham County,
Connecticut around 1754-1755.  He fought in the Revolutionary War and
the War of 1812.  I found Asa in the 1790 Thompson, Windham County,
Connecticut Census.  I know they had a son Asa and another son and three
daughters.  In early 1800's they moved to Guilford Vermont.  They moved to
New York, but not sure if they all moved together or separate.
       Asa Senior died in Selby, Orleans or Genesee County, New York on
September 4, 1823.  I am looking for information in where he and his wife
are buried.  I believe they were living with a son other that Asa Jr. 
Possible name of son is Abiel. Abiel became a doctor.  He married Anna
Sterling Cone around 1825.  They lived around Medina New York.  When he
retired he lived on a farm.
      Asa Jr married Mehitable Boyden in Guilford, Vermont. They later
moved to Martinsburg, Lewis County, New York. They are buried in Beeches
Bridge Cemetery in Watson, New York.
     They had ten children, I have names of nine of them, looking for the
name of the tenth child.  Probably died at young age.  Their first
child Hiram lived a little over a month.  The second child is also named
Hiram.  Hiram and younger brother Daniel B. Bowen moved to Michigan.  I
know Daniel Boyden Bowen was born in Martinsburg, Lewis County, New York
on March 3, 1811. 
     Looking for any information, especially they the parents and siblings
of Asa Bowen senior.  Would like to know where they are buried.  Also
would like to know the names of their other children.
     Did the counties to biographical sketches of the families living in
the community? I have a couple nice biographical sketches of both Hiram
and Daniel in the township, county they moved to.
     Again any information would be helpful, or suggestions of where to
look for this information.
     Thank you.  Linda Godde

Subject:  Fruin Family
Researcher:  Jan Stauffer ; 3300 Pennsylvania; Longview, WA  98362 cel:  360.460.6040
Date posted:  25 May 06
 I am looking for information on the Fruin family that lived in Greig, Lewis County.  The first Fruin to appear in your census was Joseph Fruin, in 1840.  Children were John, Katherine, Mary, James, William, Robert, and Jane.  His wife was either Ann Newman or Mary Barrett.  If you could clarify who his wife was, that would be wonderful.
His brother John Fruin also accompanied him to New York, most of his children were born in Chettenham, England.  I believe they arrived in New York July, 1832, and appear on the census in Greig in 1840, 1850 and 1860.  He died in 1870 in the Pinney settlement in Lewis County.  His wife was Elizabeth Bryant, who I believe came from England with him.  Their children were Ann, Joseph, James, Elizabeth, William J., Jane, and Hester Maybell Fruin.
His son, Joseph Fruin, lived in New York during the 1840,1850 and 1860 census periods, and all of his children were born there.  Their names were James Augusta "Gus" Fruin; Cornelia Annetta Baldwin Fruin; Elizabeth; Eunice; Ella J.; Emma "Rosalia" Judd Fruin; Francis J. "Frank" Fruin; John B. Fruin; and Henry H. Fruin.  Many of the immediate family members had moved on to Missouri by the 1870 census, though many extended family members remain in Lewis County to this day.  His wife was Cornelia Amelia Baldwin; they were married by A. Johnson, Esq, in New York, though I do not know if it was in Lewis County. 
Can you provide any further information on this family.  I am doing genealogical research on my husband's family, and Francis J. "Frank" Fruin was his great grandfather. 
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide us.

Subject:  Mahala Scouten ( Mrs. Isaac Scouten )
Glen MacGregor
Date posted:  7 May 06 

Looking for burial place of Mrs . Isaac Scouten. Died March 21, 1909. Lived at her daughters home Mrs. Edward Mootz in Port Leyden. Was interned in the Port Leyden Cemetery receiving vault temporarily and buried in the spring, in North Steuben Cemetery. Would like any information, doctors death certificate, Corners report, W.J. Porters information on the funeral. We have the obituary from one newspaper.
Thank you,

Subject:  Photos - Old Fish Creek Store; Edward Meyers & church, convent and school that was on Mohawk Hill, St. Michaels.
Researcher:  Donald Stanford
Date posted:  7 May 06 

I am looking for a photograph of the store that was in Fish Creek.  My great grandfather, Edward Meyers ran that store.  It would be nice if it contained his picture too.  I am also looking for a photograph of the church and convent and school that was on Mohawk Hill, St. Michaels.  My grandmother and her sister attended that school.
    If you have one please e-mail a copy of it to darthurs51@yahoo.com
Thank you Donald Stanford